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Lab Report Flowers Fruits And Seeds Paper

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How many petals does this flower have? 6 2. How many stamens does this flower have? 5 3. How many stigmas does this flower have? 1 4. Is this the flower of a monocot or a idiotic? Monocot 5. Explain your answer for question #4. This flower has petals multiple of 3. The petals also seem to have parallel veins. 6. Is this flower perfect or imperfect? Perfect 7. Look at the image of the lily ovary below.

How many locales are in this ovary? 3 Part 2: Fruits Directions: Answer the questions below using your knowledge and the information from the lesson over fruits. 1 Where would you expect to find the withered sepals and petals on a freshly picked tomato? Top 8. How about the style and stigma? Middle 9. How does this compare to the apple fruit? Inferior ovary – This means that the ovary is located below all of the other parts of the flower 10. Bean plants have superior ovaries. Where would you expect to find the withered sepals and petals on a freshly picked bean pod?

Top 11. How about the style and stigma? Middle 12. How does this compare to the tomato fruit? Same I believe Part 3: Seeds 1 Since there are two seed cotyledons in bean seeds, beans are classified as idiots. The image below shows several bean plants. Using the picture above, are the leaves of the bean plants consistent with the venation pattern of the leaves of idiots? Yes 2 If you stain a cut corn kernel with a drop of potassium iodide, the cotyledon ND the endosperm, but not the embryo, will stain blue-black.

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What does this indicate the presence of? Starch. Corn has starch in it as a food source for the embryo, the embryo on the other hand does not have starch… 3 Why is this important to the plant embryo? It the embryos food 4 Examine various stages of the germination of both beans and corn shown in the diagrams below. List two similarities and two differences between the germination of corn and bean seeds below. The bean plant has way more leaves. The corn has less roots. Both have branch roots and primary roots.

Lab Report Flowers Fruits And Seeds

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