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How populations evolve by means of natural selection Paper

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My research was conducted to explain how populations evolve by means of natural selection. In 1859, an English naturalist by the name of Charles Darwin first suggested an explanation for how evolution occurs, a process he called natural selection. Natural selection can be defined as the differential survival and reproduction of individuals with different phenotypes resulting from interactions with the environment. Evolution is the process by which different kinds or organisms are thought to have developed and diversified from earlier forms during the history of earth.

Purpose: My experiment was about how snail thickness and color evolve by natural selection. Prediction: If populations evolve by natural selection, than there are at least three conditions for snail shell thickness to evolve by natural selection 1) Individuals within a population vary, 2) Some of that variation is genetic, and 3) Reproduction is not random with respect to traits that vary. Materials and Methods: The material I used was a CD-ROOM named Beaker Labs and clicked on Darwinian Snails. The methods used were a histogram of snails on a coastline by shell thickness and numbers of snails in each category.

The objective is become a European green crab that is very hungry. Your job is to eat the snails on the coastline by cracking their shells with your claw. You have to start the model running by clicking the go button in the control panel. The snails will start to crawl around, find the snail you want to eat and start clicking on it. Eat what’s inside and the snail will disappear. There are 50 snails and it takes 25 snails to fill you up. The remaining snails will reproduce. Each of the surviving snails makes woo new snails by cloning, and then they die.

The shell thickness will remain the same as the single parent. Discussion: My prediction supported my hypothesis. Shell thickness will decrease as the crab eats them. The snail population won’t evolve toward shell thickness without no selection or no Inheritance. After snails are born they do not change their color or shell thickness. The only way this could be possible is Mutation’s Role which is allow some scientific part of DNA or genes to be modifiers, sometimes it’s useful or harmful like mutations in atomic bombings.

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How populations evolve by means of natural selection

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