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Essay Examples on Lab Report Paper

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1st Essay Sample on Lab Report

This will be done by measuring a Mil volume of distilled water into a plastic cup on top of a lance to obtain the weight of water added each time. From this experiment, I hope to broaden my knowledge on the different types of pipettes available and with the results base my conclusion on which if the three is most reliable and accurate. Method: 1 . Starting with a Mil blowout pipette, deliver 1 ml of distilled water into a pre- weighed plastic weighing cup.

Re-weigh the cup immediately and obtain the weight of the water by subtraction. 2. Using the same pipette, deliver a further four Mil volumes in the same cup, weighing after each delivery to obtain the weight of water added each time. 3. Repeat the above operations using the ml graduated pipette and the Gilson IIOP automatic pipette. 4. After all of the weights of water have been recorded from each pipette, convert them into units of volume (VI), taking the temperature into consideration. 5.

Some human errors could be that not all of the solution from the pipettes was transferred into the plastic weighing cup and therefore could have affected the overall weight at the end of the experiment. Parallax errors could have also occurred as when taking the solution from the flask to the pipette, the solution may have not completely reached the bottom the meniscus, causing a shortage in solution being taken into the pipette and therefore when it was being transferred from the pipette to the weighing cup.

2nd Essay Sample on Lab Report

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Materials: Compound light microscope Glass microscope slide with prepared onion root tip specimen Purpose: understand and identify the stages of the cell cycle and mitosis. Apply an analytical technique to estimate the relative length of each stage of the cell cycle. Hypothesis: What do you predict you will find about the number of cells in each of the phases of the cell cycle? Provide an explanation for your prediction. Procedure: Data and Observations:

Create a data table containing a tally of the number of cells observed in each of the following stages: Stage Number of Cells in Part 1 Number of Cells in Part 2 Enterprise Protease Metaphors Anapest Telephone Cytokines Record any observations about the cells you observed (what does the cell look like for each stage): Data Analysis: Calculate the percentage of the cell cycle spent in each stage. Number of cells in given stage total number of cells counted x 100 = % of the cell cycle spent in this stage Create a graph that represents the time spent in each stage of the cell cycle. Conclusion:

Lab Report Lab Report Lab Report

Be sure to answer the following reflection questions in the conclusion of your lab report: Based on your data, what can you infer about the length of time spent in each stage of the cell cycle? What stages were the longest and shortest? Give a brief explanation of why these stages may have that time period.

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