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“Kys” Review Paper

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Paper type: Review, Subject: Book Reviews

Essay on “Kys”

The book is amazing. Not that you can not break away from reading, no. The book makes you wonder. It would seem that the plot and it does not have, and that same Kys – unknown forest creature, which nobody has ever seen, and the protagonist Benedict constantly lost in the surrounding life descriptions. But all this is not just like that, all the time …

In fact, I did not like Benedict – and the consequences of any kind is not received, and taught literacy, and job of work is not dusty, and the master of all trades, but not in him umishka. Umok it is so small, but in the dust stale, that’s a pity becomes straight and Barbara, and Nikita Kuzmich and his mother – because they are all trying to do the best, “Maral” inculcate. But no, he was not train – all used his brow knit, duckies Tapping, yes of Olenka dream

By the way, Olga Benedict is very suitable -. Bright face, spit up the floor, the consequences of not. Well it turned out after a courtship that clawed and Benny himself with a tail has appeared. And what do you think? So Benny moved out of the old hut-wreck in the new tower. And there he is now such concerns as before: all slaves do. And he sits there and reads books. It would seem that little minds must grow, expand, but not – as has absorbed some of hundreds of books and magazines, and even more covered with dust. But that’s the idea appeared obsession: “Wherever else take the dose books …” And here came out of it … I advise you to read

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The end is ambiguous – on the one hand shaken Benedict. and on the other – the surviving former, which in effect throughout the book, or reminiscing about the times before the Blast, or tried to somehow restore the former order. And they did not even try soon – so, kind of do:

– So you are not dead, or what? A .. or died ..

-?? But to understand how to know .. !

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