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“Kys” Review Paper

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Paper type: Review , Subject: Book Reviews

Essay on “Kys”

Book frankly – so-so (the pause during which you can throw a tomato)

«Kys.” – this is NOT a dystopia. Dystopia – a work that represents a different point of view on society, designed to be the ideal. So in this regard, the question: “To what this” ideal “society of the Company” Kysi “? What are the features of the criticized utopia? “. There is not a utopia, because “Kys” – is not a dystopia, a parody

Metamorphoses happening with the meaning of such concepts as “book”, of course, carry away, but nothing revolutionary (even more so -. Nothing new) are not available. At the same Eco role of literature in society (and in the life of an individual person) is described in more believable and less dramatic. A “novelty” is determined by the specific context in which these metamorphoses played.

And now the most important thing. IMHO the popularity of this product is due to a large extent by the fact that few of the read play a computer game «Fallout2». After this game, the atmosphere and the peculiar slang post-apocalyptic world no longer seem to be something new and original (say at once: on the degree of “atmospheric” “Kys” clearly losing “of Fallout ‘y). Once I figured it out (and I quickly realized) the lion’s share of the attractiveness of “Kysi” vanished from all cracks and climbed secondary. You begin to notice the logical inconsistencies and some “tension” in the social organization “Kysi”. Question: “How is it possible such a society” – remain without a satisfactory answer. It can, of course, and it does not matter, but still …

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In short: “Kys” does not create a single image in my mind, it is stratified into several more or less successful parodies descriptions. A parody of the intelligentsia, a parody of the “cattle”, a parody of the “secret society”, a parody of a revolution, a parody of the officials – only itself Kys (the “spirit” of a post-apocalyptic world) attempts to link them together … Unsuccessfully .

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