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Kroger Paper

The site I found my information on about the salary range of my career choice is AMA American Medical Association. I believe this site is reliable because its a medical website that shows you different medical careers, it have a publications, mission statement, and AMA been around since 1847. While looking on the site it didn’t have Health care manager it have Health information administrator, but its the same career. It have the salary range from 2003, so by now the salary should have gone up and from the 2003 salary range this is the career I want to go into.

Starting Salary 40,000 Over average 54,700 Upper ranges 85,000 1 know that I would have to work myself up to the upper ranges, but would love to start at the over average. American Medical Association. (2003). Education. Retrieved from www. AMA-ass. Org/AMA/pub/education-careers/careers- health-care/health-care-income. Page Library Search Looking on the online library, I located a Journal article named Environment Scanning and the Health Care Manager. The article was very interesting to me because its for new managers coming into the work place making strategic plans for the environment that they are managing.

It ivies me ideals of what I should do as a health care manager when I go into a health care facility. The article explains if you don’t take the time to make strategic plans for environment the facility you work could get lose money, staff, or even close down. As a manager you should know what you are dealing with In the work place and make plans to deal with them.

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