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Korean war 2 Essay

Common conjecture has it that child labour was more or less wiped out in
post-liberation China and that its reappearance is directly linked to the
increased role of private enterprise in the Chinese economy.It was well known
that the use of child labour was widespread before the Chinese Communist Party
(CCP) took power in 1949.The use of children was a fundamental part of China’s
first attempts to industrialize.The following description of a Tianjin cotton
mill is the early 1930’s illustrates this:
“Children labored in every department: boys in the departments where male adults
predominated, girls in the women’s department.In the spinning mills they were
most often put to work at piecing…. In the weaving mill they were assigned to
heddling, or threading the warp along a set of parallel cords in the loom.Both
these jobs require excellent eyesight, dexterity and concentration.” (1)
Once the CCP took power in 1949, the new government set about reforming the
education system and getting children out of the workplace andback into
school.Its successin the reduction of child labour in China was significant.
But it is hard to measure how significant and successful it was because of
government propaganda at that time claimed near total success, but independent
Nonetheless, the fact that child labour is now clearly back is largely accepted
both inside and outside China, even if it’s extent remains mostly unmeasured.
It seems that officials with the Ministry of Labour and Social Security (MOLSS)
are not acknowledging the existence of the problem.According to a article
published in Hong Kong, officials at the MOLSS “claim that no government figures
are available because child labour is not a problem in China.” (2)
China’s minimum age for legal employment is 16 years old.Many of the child who get jobs in China’s coastal regions do so on the basis

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