Knights Of The Earth

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The following sample essay on Knights Of The Earth tells about Knights of Forty Islands, boy and the darkness, lord from the planet Earth.

For each of the books in this collection is necessary to speak separately! Each of them in their genius! Start with (in my opinion) the best product Lukyanenko “Knights of forty islands.” Foreword to the book is the statement of one of the writer (the name can not remember): “Adults always killed the adults, children always killed adults happened that adults killed children, but the children never killed children, they have not gone mad!” narrated on behalf of the boy.

He enters the world inhabited by the same children. This world is an archipelago composed of forty small islands. On each island the children live! All of them are participants of the terrible game victory in which promises to return home! The game has only one rule you want to win kill.

I admit that in the last pages I always weep.

The book is written in a unique style Lukyanenko, behind the screen of a fantastic story hiding acute social problems! I recommend to read all. It’s no secret that this affair has brought the author fame.

Knights Of The Earth

“The Boy and the Darkness,” a novel that is not always true enemy is visible at once, and this other not so easy to find, and even harder to keep! .“Lord from the planet earth” Here everything is easy! Nice to read a novel (space opera – as the author calls it) in three acts! The plot is standard for this genre (prostoyparen-love-devushkainoplanetyanka-stranstviyavdrugiemiry-villain pobedanadzlodeem-torzhestvodobra).

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By reading recommend, but do not decide that all the books written by the author as well! This is clearly not the most powerful of his work, but you can read at your leisure!

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Knights Of The Earth
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