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KKK Essay

Essay Topic:

Chalmers, David Mark. Hooded Americanism : The History of the Ku Klux Klan. 3rd ed.
Chalmers in his book discusses the Klan’s development and success (or lack of) in all of the states during its strongest period in the 1920s to 1930s. Very perfectly researched and well written, “Hooded Americanism” is a factual glimpse into the life of a controverisal organization and into the lives of the men and women who made it possible. The book shows us that The Klan was always strong in the South and ruled the legal governments in the Midwest. This source is a perfect summary of the 100 years after the Civil War. I think it will be a good source for me because it contains lots of information that is helpful.
Weller, Worth H., and Brad Thompson. Under The Hood: Unmasking the Modern Ku Klux Klan. 1998.
This source is one of the best sources for information of The Klan. One of its writers is an ex-Klan member. This is why the information in it is reliable and shows the dark side of the Klan very succesfully. The information that is provided from the book shows us that The Klan is still alive. This source has a wide-range of explanations and examples that will be helpfull to my research.
Watterson, Kathryn. Not by the Sword : How a Cantor and His Family Transformed a Klansman. Northeastern Univ Pr, 1996.
This source is a novel about a Klan leader and his great change. Larry Trapp here is forgiven by the Jewish and African American families and apologizes from them. It is a novel but I think it is essential for my research because it is a good example of racist acts and realizing that it is wrong. The subject reminds me of the movie ; American History X; which is about the Klan itself. It is sufficient that I use this source for my research because the theme is very useful and common.
Bridges, Tyler. The Rise of David Duke. Mississippi: Mississippi University Press, 1995.

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