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Kings Medical Center Paper

Kings Medical Center provides various health services within the City and its locality. They have sites in three location (Staten Island, Queens, and Manhattan) spread across the City and have enlisted our service to develop their Information System. Their requirement included elements covering a Web site, Networking, Management Information System (MIS) and a Database. They have reviewed their organization structure and their strategic plan has revealed the need to reconstruct their functions, services and human resources application

Mission We are a dedicated medical institution, aiming to provide the highest quality care for our patients and maintain a relaxed, friendly and comfortable work environment for our staff and other users. We guarantee the well-fare and safety of our patients as our priority and ensure confidentiality of all nature. The commitment of our staff, physicians, volunteers and community partners to our mission, allows us to maintain a quality standard of caring, promoting wellness, relieve suffering and restore health as humanely as can be done.

In consistence with the best service available we will ensure the highest value to all our users. We endeavor to treat all our patience and client fairly, efficiently and with the care and respect required to satisfy their needs and accordingly. Current Situation and Problem/ Opportunity Statement i. Improving the appointment system and reducing walk-ins to a minimum ii. Assigning doctors to patient iii. Creating and implementing a web site iv. Eliminate redundancy within the filing system and implement software and applications to regulate normalcy and consistency Project Charter

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Project Title: Kings Medical Center Project Project Start Date: April 28, 2010 Projected Finish Date: April 28, 2011 Budget Information A budget of $800,000 has been allocated to fund the project over a one year period. This cost will be used up to fund the All in One (AIO) Tech development team, consulting personnel, hardware and software purchase, and utility fees. An initial estimate requires a total of 40 hours per week labor cost, considering that the team works a standard eight hour day shift. Project Manager: Foxy Brown, 646-238-1224, [email protected] org Project Objectives

The goal is to provide a complete IT Infrastructure overhaul to Monroe Medical Center. In doing so, employees will be able to retrieve and update patients file and information accordingly, assign a doctor to groups of patients, produce departmental reports, and share information across all locations within a reasonable time frame. An online appointment system will also be created to minimize patient waiting time and improve the system for walk-in patients. Main Project Success Criteria The project is scheduled to be completed within one year at the provisional cost of $800,000.

The end product of this project is guaranteed to support the overall functionality of Kings Medical Center operations. This will assist them to negotiate lower premiums and track improvements in patients waiting time among other requirements they have stipulated. It will also provide solid evidence for other benefits, such as improving morale and productivity. Additionally, the project should be able to pay for itself within two years of completion. It must also have a positive net present value (NPV) and a 50% or greater return on investment, in order to be considered a successful project.


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