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kindred spirits Essay

Collin Bogle grew up in Northwestern Washington.As a kid he liked to spend his time outdoors, fishing, roller-blading, or riding his mountain bike.His father, Lee Bogle, was an art teacher in high school and even when Collin showed extraordinary artistic abilities it was still thought that he would be an accountant.Lee Bogle was absolutely amazed with Collin's ability.
Today both Lee and Collin Bogle are professional artists.Both father and son live in Seattle and live 10 minutes apart.They both excel at realistic detail, if you saw their art, however, no one would guess their close connection.
Lee Bogle, after painting wildlife subjects most of his life, has moved back to hisfirst love- the human figure.He is best known for his Native American depictions in flowing backgrounds.Now he has shifted to ballet dancers.Unlike his father, Collin Bogle has moved toward wildlife. He takes adventures through the woods near his house with a camera looking for surprises.
Drawing and painting were major passions for Lee Bogle, even in childhood.He pursued his art during evenings and weekends for twenty years while teaching during the day.He worked in stained glass, pottery, and even dipped into sculpture.His portrait work provided supplemental income for the family.As the demand for his prints increased, the tedious hand-coloring process consumed his time.So he hired Collin, his teenage son, as an apprentice.He assisted his father for several years, learning color and many techniques.
Next, Lee experimented with oil pastel drawings against the free- form colors of the wash.He found the combination of abstract backgrounds and detailed drawings suited him.Eventually he moved to human figures as subjects.
When Collin was still young he never imagined a career in art.Even after winning the "most likely to succeed in art" award he still never imagined pursuing anything.It wasn&apos

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