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Killing Animals Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Agriculture

Ever wonder how animals are being processed in the industry? Well I can only tell you that it’s one hell of a disaster, but it’s our way of life being human. We humans have been killing animals for survival since we have been evolved. Long time ago there were no rights or laws for killing a certain animals because the human population was very modest. Killings animals since the Stone Age has been done because we needed the food, fur to survive and sustain life. Nowadays we struggle to keep the animals population abroad, as many species are being extinct.

This is a problem because of the global warming, and climate changing all around the world. Also how animals are being hunted down just for the joy or for food. This brings a serious cause because most of the animals are in the endangered species list, and almost being extinct. Most people don’t even know what happing when animals are being hunted down and ignoring the cause, this is why the media should spread the news so people can witness, and see what the hell is going on.

This also will encourage some people to fight for stricter laws on animal abuse. Innocent animals are being use for lab experiments, for the safety of new products for us humans to buy later in the future. This brings a lot of confusion why animals are tested for human products as we two species are different in many ways. Another argument is rare breed of animals are being killed for their fur to be used for fashion. Animals are being test in laboratory every day which causes death to most of them or just a defect part of their body.

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Now, it’s a tradition to humans to ensure the safety of consumer products and drugs around the world, scientist and regulators work together to develop alternative for their use. Animal testing dates back to ancient Greece to research medical experiments. As animals have being used for a long time, people have expressed concerns about animals testing and research. Killing animals have been a top priority when it comes to agriculture. Agriculture has dominated the industrialized facilities that maximize profits and has been treating animals as they are nothing to the world.

We go kill, sell, buy, eat, wear every animal on the planet every day; this is how we keep our lives sustainable. It has been reported that we have killed over nine billion chickens, pigs, cattle, turkeys, sheep’s, goats, ducks, and geese annually in the United States. As we all look into it, there are tons of disadvantages that still apply today. Now a days more animals are being scientifically fed to grow fast and meaty, so much for brings the extinction of organically feed. There are very little farms with no contract that offer animals that are naturally fed.

As some people say, we live in a strange world, but to me it seems to be sustainable on the things we do. The way we do agriculture is now a culture for the human life. Yes the things we do are sometimes the things we regret. Killing an animal can scar us for life and some people don’t like that, that’s why there are established groups of protest and attack the company’s. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. For my option on animal torture, there should be an alternative way because I just don’t like to see animals being tested and tortured.

On the other hand, killing animals that are raised for food is wrong for a vegetarian because they don’t eat meat. It’s defiantly fine to kill animals and eat them because we actually need to eat meat for protein. It just that we don’t see how they are processed though the factory which most people don’t know. In the essay “the Evil of Animal Rights” by Alex Epstein and Yaron Boork, the authors explain how scientist are closer than ever to finding the cures for AIDS, cancer, and other deadly diseases.

As most people depend on these types of people some people are against like the “Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty” formally known as the SHAC. These people protest against the animals use for laboratory work. They protest outside of businesses and the employees of the Huntingdon employees. When it comes to pathos for this essay, it brings a lot of emotions on how we use innocent animals for everything. However, this is the only way how we can only solve our health problems for us humans and even other animals.

A life of an animal butcher can be rough and depressing as Suzanne Winkler explains in her essay “A Savage Life”. Every few years Winckler butchers chickens with a friend named Chuck. Chuck buys the chicks and matures them for 10 weeks. When they are ready to be butchered, Winckler does her job. Pathos is explained in this essay when Winckler goes into detail on how backbreaking her job is; working from 10pm to 6pm. She also goes into detail on how messy it is, and how it brings a lot of emotions.

However she has overcome and knows her duties because it has been passed on generation to generation from her family. Millions of animals are being killed for agriculture and tested for products for us. This is how we live now and there is no going back. Most people don’t know and don’t care and some people do. This is how we live to sustain our lives and it has been mostly successful. If animals test and help cure the worlds deadly diseases, that’s should be fine for the most of us. It just all the animal’s torture is wrong and should be an alternative way of finding it.

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This paper example is written by Benjamin, a student from St. Ambrose University with a major in Management. All the content of this paper consists of his personal thoughts on Killing Animals and his way of presenting arguments and should be used only as a possible source of ideas and arguments.

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