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khan Essay

Morris Rossabi was thefirst to write this English-language biography on the man, Khubilai Khan.Rossabi's bookfirst goes into the Mongol history and how they started to emerge from the Steppes of Mongolia and how they were able to invade China with success.The rest of the book is on Khubilai Khan's rule in China and how what he did as an Emperor for the Chinese culture and how the Mongol control in China crumbled after his death in A.D. 1294.
Rossabi does this well by starting how with telling about the Mongolsfirst before jumping into Khubilai Khan.The Author then goes into detail how Khubilai Khan then came to power.Rossabi even brings up Khubilai Khan's mother and what type of person she was.Sorghaghtani Beki was a remarkably intelligent woman and had high ambitions for her sons.Rossabi also mentions that Khubilai Khan, when he became Emperor, also held a court that had many different types of thinkers and people of different beliefs.It was Khubilai Khan's court that the great European explorer, Marco Polo, reached and traded with.
While Rossabi does a great job of covering everything in Khubilai Khan's history, he makes the text dry.Rossabi seems to slug his way through the social and economic problems and programs that Khubilai Khan had.He then brings this section up again later on in the book with the'Mismanagement and the Chinese Response' chapter.
Overall, Rossabi does a good job on this history of Khubilai Khan.He was able to take a figure that to the western mind was a mythical or legendary character.Rossabi, though somewhat dry, wrote a book that is filled with information about the man and the time that he lived in. Rossabi was thefirst man to create the heaven and earth and started checking out what the world would had been if he was not there. I hope he gets to go to his place because I'm very excited for him to be with me for the rest …

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