Key Events in the Life of Leni Riefenstahl

Outline the key events in the life of Lenin Referential Lenin Referential was born on the 22nd August 1902 in Berlin and in her young life grew a developed skill in classical dancing which led to many of her experiences throughout her life. Refrigerant’s dancing career began in 1 921 and continued until 1 925, it was in this time that the expressionist movement was booming in Berlin and Referential became a central figure of this movement. She persuaded the leading theatre manager and producer, Max Reinhardt to sign her up as a professional dancer.

Her dancing career although only lasting 4 years saw her traveling all across Europe, it ended abruptly after she suffered a major setback injuring her knee. Following her experience on the stage Referential began acting in 1 926 and starred in many films exhibiting the mountain genre. Her first film ‘The Holy Mountain’, directed by Arnold Fancy premiered in 1926 and officially began her acting career, which in the coming years would see her star in 5 more Fancy films.

Referential was commonly depicted as the heroine of the films as he demonstrates her determination and bravery, carrying out the climbing scenes herself. By 1933 Lenin was a highly popular movie star in Germany. After staring in five films Referential spent much time with the directors of the film and as she felt fitting decided to begin directing films. ‘The Blue Light’ 1932 was her first released directed film and exhibited the techniques she had experienced when filming with Fancy, for this reason her film was extremely well received by the audiences and was extremely successful.

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In her making of films she was persuaded to witness Hitler address the German public at the Berlin Rally, it is here that her fascination with the man was expressed to the point where she wrote a letter asking to meet him. Hitter’s response to Refrigerant’s request to meet with him was taken positively and in May 1 932 Hitler and Referential met at Wilhelmina on the Baltic Coast.

It was in this meeting that Hitler asked Lenin to direct movies for his Nazi party and she quickly became part of Hitless inner circle. Triumph of the Will 1934 was Lens’s first propaganda film depicted Hitler and his Nazi party. The film of the 1 934 Emergent Rally was shown only as a newsreel and not as a film, Hitler desired to see his rallies directed as a film so he gave Lenin unrestricted access to resources to guarantee that the film would be complete to the highest standard.

She assembled her own film crew and produced a film that that was deliberately devised to promote the image of Hitler as the leader of German people. Lenin spent 5 months editing over 100000 meters of film before Triumph of the Will was released in 1935. Olympia was Lens’s second directed film under the influence of Hitler, although it was not meant to be a propagandist film, it was widely perceived as this and was not appreciated for its originality and new techniques.

After the initial release of the film Lenin traveled all around Europe and in 1938 she visited the United States, this visit coincided with the Night of the broken glass that led Americans to question Lens’s involvement with the Nazi’s. This begun her rejection in America and led to her being blacklisted in 1938 as the ‘head of the Nazi film industry’ Refrigerant’s life, with her involvement in the Nazi party was tested on her inclusion with the party and fell sick; she faced legal and financial struggles.

She emerged again after a time in seclusion as a photographer traveling to Africa to capture tribes that had been untouched by the Western society. Her name, still sparking controversy leaves her legacy crushed, and will never be remembered without her inclusion in the Nazi party. She died on the 8th of September 2003 shortly after her 101 SST birthday as the great dancer, actor, photographer and director Of the propagandist Nazi films.

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