Kevin Durant And Lebron James

For years now, there has been a dispute about two special basketball players. These players happen to be the top in the game that go by the name of LeBron James and Kevin Durant. Some people think that Durant is the best in the game and others feel the same about LeBron. There akre a lot of arguments about the individual’s rivalry and for good reason. Kevin Durant and LeBron James are without question the two premier basketball players in the world, and they’re each reaching new heights in recent days.

It’s easy to look at the two superstars and compare them, but the comparison is often approached in the wrong manner. We often try to determine which player is “better,” but we overlook plenty of other factors in the process.

The first aspect is essential to any comparison, just when it’s in proper context. And that context includes a bit of historical back-story, a dash of off-court comparison and a pinch of looking ahead into the future.

Durant and LeBron are different people. And it’s time we understand the full extent of their differences, at lease the ones relevant to their careers in the NBA. Already one of the all-time greats, James is unrivaled. He is beyond comparison of any active player. Nobody has touched him and nobody will touch him. LeBron has league MVP’s, two NBA championships, Finals MVP, and countless statistical accolades have left him standing alone. Once again, there’s no question James marks are better, but only increases when you factor in James forecasted total for this season they don’t put Durant to shame.

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In most categories, he’s right there, having posted comparable number. Where James actually begins to separate himself even further is win shares. He collected 103.3 win shares through his first seven season while Durant is only tracking toward 90.3. The gap in average win-share accumulation only increases when you factor in LeBron’s forecasted total for this season (16.4), too. Durant…

Kevin Durant And Lebron

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