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Kant’s Deontological Theory Essay

Essay Topic:

The existence of God is something that most people take for granted.In your upbringing you are taught that God is the most supreme being, the creator of all, infinite and eternal.Taking into account the type of society in which we live in and the fact that it is usually our parents who teach us about God, most people do not even question his existence.Many philosophers who believe in God have tried to prove his existence using many different types of argument.One of these arguments is the ontological argument.It was made famous by the 11th century philosopher Anselm.The ontological argument has three properties:1. It is an a priori argument.2.It treats existence as a property.3.It is a reductio argument.The problem with this argument is that it treats existence as afirst order property.Kant picked up on this flaw, and therefore criticizes the argument.Existence can not be afirst order property.First order properties describe the object itself.!
Existence does not add to an objects description, it can not be added to the concept of the thing.It just posits the existence of such a thing.
Let us now take a more critical look at Kant’s argument (some things will have to be stated again.)In the concept of God we find the idea that he is a perfect being.From this idea alone the existence of God is supposed to follow a priori.It is not so hard to say that it is impossible for God not to exist.”But this yields no insight into the conditions which make it necessary to regard the non-existence of a thing as absolutely unthinkable.It is precisely these conditions that we desire to know, in order that we may determine whether or not, in resorting to this concept, we are thinking anything at all.”Through examining the ontological argument we are supposed to come to the conclusion that the judgement “God does not exist” is self-contradictory.Existence is one of the properties included in the c…

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