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kant and mill Essay

Essay Topic:

ompare Mill and Kant’s ethical theories; which makes a better societal
order? John Stuart Mill (1808-73) believed in an ethical theory known as
utilitarianism. There are many formulation of this theory. One such is,
“Everyone should act in such a way to bring the largest possibly balance of
good over evil for everyone involved.” However, good is a relative term. What
is good? Utilitarians disagreed on this subject. Mill made a distinction between
happiness and sheer sensual pleasure. He defines happiness in terms of higher
order pleasure (i.e. social enjoyments, intellectual). In his Utilitarianism (1861),
Mill described this principle as follows:According to the Greatest Happiness
Principle … The ultimate end, end, with reference to and for the sake of which
all other things are desirable (whether we are considering our own good or that
of other people), is an existence exempt as far as possible from pain, and as
rich as possible enjoyments.Therefore, based on this statement, three ideas
may be identified: (1) The goodness of an act may be determined by the
consequences of that act. (2) Consequences are determined by the amount of
happiness or unhappiness caused. (3) A “good” man is one who considers the
other man’s pleasure (or pain) as equally as his own. Each person’s happiness
is equally important.Mill believed that a free act is not an undetermined act. It
is determined by the unconstrained choice of the person performing the act.
Either external or internal forces compel an unfree act. Mill also determined
that eve…

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