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Kambua Medical Consultants Paper

Employment contracts in layman terms refer to terms and conditions that the company and the hired employee have between them. Some of them contain basic information such as personal details (name, date of birth, education), amount of salary, contract period validity etc. However, some clauses in such contracts might also have implicit meanings attached to them which the signatory might be oblivious of at the time of the signing. Such agreements may give the employer the right to just terminate the contract without notice if the employee violates the contract in any way (Findlaw, 2009, www.

reuters. com). Another clause believed unethical is the non-competition clause. This requires the employee to not join a competitor’s firm or set up a rival company in a particular geographic location after terminating the employment agreement with the employer. It should be entirely for the individuals own discretion where he should work or should he start his own business. Some people with plans of pursuing entrepreneurship join companies that operate in the area of business they want to start their business in.

Hence, this clause does not only render potential risk-takers to forgo chances of gaining experience in the field of their future field of work but also abandon the company of a diligent, keen-to-learn employee. Another word of warning for the prospective employees would be to give the job your best. Many employees with a laid back attitude hold back from climbing the ladder of success because they simply do not burn the midnight oil as they very well get away with it.

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Hence, the company is not able to fully elicit total productivity for what it pays to the employees. Many companies in order to counter this problem have included the ‘best efforts’ clause in their contracts. However, even without it is the sole responsibility of the employee to deliver his best from the moment he signs the contract. Conclusively, before signing to be any company’s corporate slave it is always better to read between the lines! References:

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