Essay on Johnny Mnemonic

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The following sample essay is the plot of the novel by Johnny Mnemonic. To read the introduction, body, and conclusion of the essay, scroll down.

Essay on “Johnny – Mnemonic”

The plot of the story many know. In a nutshell: Johnny – walking flash drive, which can be downloaded in the Old, and he will deliver it by courier to whom it is necessary. Johnny was asked to translate the very important information. Here are just a mafia that Johnny asked – did not know, and the information had big plans.

Johnny decided to format the USB flash drive. In this case, the safety of the stick – nobody cares

“Johnny Mnemonic” an amazing story.. No wonder he was awarded a separate movies. I will say more: this short story would be enough for a few adaptations. By the way, while we’re here, and I started to not spread the idea of ​​the tree, I must say – and that story, and the film adaptation – both works worthy and each individually has a right to exist.

Gibson worked on the screenplay for the film, and essentially created a second product, based on his own story, of course, with the Hollywood cliches impurities (like for example the heroic happy end, as opposed to quiet, no-frills, end of story). In addition, the film has acquired additional storyline from the “seamy side” – a disease that causes death from exhaustion caused by information overload. The film is more logical, informative and swimming. Science fiction is more than an action movie.

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Same story – a nonstop whirlwind Action.
The following sample essay is the plot of the novel by Johnny Mnemonic. To read the introduction, body, and conclusion of the essay, scroll down.

Johnny Mnemonic Book

No, Johnny -. Not a dolphin

But, we are about the story ?! Gibson’s story was first published in 1981 and today must seem archaic to savagery. And indeed this whole cyber pankschina already become boring: a bleak future, the dominance of information technologies, trans-national corporations, creepy Slang, geeks and freaks bodifitsiruyuschie themselves. Today we offer a stylistically ipod-future. Concise, clean, smooth and beautiful. And because all of a sudden, it becomes sickening. And from Gibson story, for me personally, it “dirt” Show freshest pure jet. ! Reincarnation

interesting language (many thanks to translators), absorbed many novoyazovyh sayings, slang future – which looks not too exotic (as, for example, Russian-Chinese slang surzhik Sorokin), as well conceptual (taking into account today’s realities) is clear. Extensive mythology, social structure and sectarianism – given Gibson a few bar offers instantly builds in your mind’s eye the whole world. General description of the world, Johnny Gibson is given in small portions, but it is so bright and interesting – all that fantasy dorisovyvaet easily. Here I would point out that Gibson does not create an entirely new world, and consistently places it on the support of the reality that is known to us

Talk about the visual story -. It is necessary to not apply. The author refers to the famous graphic Giovanni Piranesi and his series of works dedicated to an Italian prison, describing the “upper town” of the story. “If a clear day disable

arc lighting, gray approximation of sunlight will be filtered through the layers akrioplastika: landscape, reminiscent of prison sketches of Giovanni Piranesi.” I will compare the story to Gibson’s best-known work of Hieronymus Bosch – triptych “The Garden of Earthly Delights”, namely his right “infernal” sash. Gibson’s story – despite the accentuated darkness and dullness of the environment – filled with the brightest images and descriptions. So that a “right wing” in the poisonous acidic colors, or, in the colors and the lighting of the central part of the triptych. Generally saturation of images Gibson story is breaking all records. Such a concentration of images on the page do not meet every writer. What else do not always see – it is vital these images. They are not created for the sake of themselves, style and decorations. The author does not exercises the imagination – no. All of them are important and viable vivid strokes in the dim and gloomy “picture” by William Gibson.

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