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Essay Examples on John Adams Paper

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1st Essay Sample on John Adams

John Adams was born on October 30, 1735, in Massachusetts Bay. He was born in a well-to-do family of five. He is the eldest son and was named after his father, John Adams. Young Adams was able to receive a proper childhood education, as his father was a deacon of the Congregational church, as well as a lieutenant of the local militia. Despite his busy schedule, his main interest and occupation was farming.

At 1761, Adams’ father passed away due to the flu epidemic. His mother remarried at 1766, but young john did not get along with his stepfather. Young Adams was not very bright at his studies, but through his tutor, Joseph Marsh, guidance, he was able to go to Harvard College at the age of 16. At the age of 1755, he graduated and found hisfirst job, as a teacher in Worcester, Massachusetts. During his teaching career, Adams found his new interests in Latin, history and law and Adams yearned to make his mark upon the world.

All along, Adams was wondering if he was able to achieve something great in his life. During these years of his life, Adams begins keeping his famous journal. “After many years of teaching, he married Abigail Smith, a third cousin of his and also the daughter of the minister of Massachusetts, in October 25, 1764, when he was 28 years old.” Soon after the marriage, Abigail becomes his closest friend as well as his political advisor. They had five children and one of them died a few years after birth. Their eldest son, John Quincy Adams, later became the sixth president of the United States.

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As Adams interest in studying law increases, he began to take night classes under the tutelage of James Putnam and continued his teaching carrier during daytime. Due to Adams’ intelligence and law knowledge, he was chosen by the people of Braintree to write protest against the Stamp Act.

2nd Essay Sample on John Adams

John Adams was educated and thoughtful; he was more of a philosopher rather than a politician.He had thoughts about how to run the United States government that provoked the nation.Adams believed in a government that would promote happiness and security, as well as a government that gave the citizens a chance to speak out, he thought that this system would create a much more dignified America. When John Adams became president he wanted to change the face of the government.His philosophy was to communicate ease, comfort, security, and to promote happiness (Christy).He also believed that a good government would obtain an empire of laws (Christy).It is obvious that Adams wanted to have an organized administration in which everyone would be satisfied with.Adams also thought that the powers of the government should be obtained by a representation of people (Christy).The two powers that he wanted were a legislative and executive branch (Christy).Adams almost certainly wanted to spread the powers of the government and not have people underrepresented.Adams believed that a government should promote safety as well as the satisfaction of the people; he also thought that the powers of should be equal. John Adams conceived in order to have a successful administration that the people must speak out.Ballots, according to Adams would elect office (Christy).He also contrived that if his philosophies were followed it would teach political virtues of humility, patience, and moderation (Christy).By this reasoning, Adams sought after a moderate government and a society that was more humble.Adams continued his thoughts about his ideologies by adding that this system would have many advantages due to the different characteristics in office (Christy).Adams also said that the dignity and stability of the government depended upon the bright and skillful administration of justice (Christy).

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