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Tailand Essay

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Auditing

The three new comers believe that the rest of the group feels skeptical towards them because they might be fired too. As Willis mentions, coming from the internal audit staff, workers fear him more than trust him. Consequently, this has affected communication between him and the workers who kept essential Information for them. In addition, they think that their Inability to work at the office the four first weeks has delayed the moment when they could start building new relationship with the team. From the perspective of the three executives, these are the reasons for their difficulties to manage efficiently. However. He causes they identify as challenging their ability to build trustful relations come from their own cultural script (Thomas, D. C, 2008). It doesn’t take into account cultural values and underlying assumptions behind Tall behavior (Thomas. D. C, 2008). If one would have took a Thai perspective, the root causes might have been different. In fact, this explains the difficulties they face and the failure of their attempt to solve the problem. 2- Three Tall culture’s dimensions can help us understanding the causes for the lack of trustful relationship; feminine/masculine and diffuseness/specific cultural dimension and vertical collectivism.

Based on Hypotheses cultural model, Thailand can be defined as a “Feminine” culture. It Is less competitive, quality of life Is rewarded and conflict and direct confrontation need to be avoid. This means that when Willis confronted its team by mentioning the poor performance of the operation It was perceived as a direct offense to individuals’ honor. This first bad impression has been exacerbating when they fired Moot and the daughter in law of Devalued. This decision has been perceive as they were unfaithful to the family.

This can be explained by the vertical collectivist (Hypotheses,1 981 ,1998) structure of Thailand culture and its diffuseness (Trampers, 1993). The former implies that hierarchy, social status and family networks are priorities. The hierarchical structure and high power distance can be observed In the authoritative political structure of the country. The importance of loyalty toward a group also explains why relations are connected in a diffuse manner. It shouldn’t be a surprise that Devalued had strong ties with the political and legal system as well as engaging Is own family in its business activity.

Joe Willis

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From there, we can make the assumption that in a country where gal structure is weak relationship becomes your economic and social safety net. So, toy 2 when Moot was Dulling Default’s snares at a enlarger price, nee was proudly making sure the network would not dissolve and that Devalued would still provide political and legal security to the company. This imply that Devalued, its family and Moot were still perceived by the team members as a part of the “Fiasco Motors family’ and fired them was to be unfaithful to the group; proportioning honesty over loyalty.

When Willis found that his lawyers were affiliated to Devalued, it should have been perceived as a gin that he was open to settle the “family conflict”. He was in fact showing them his importance for the company stability. Non-verbal is how high context communication society works. But now that the network is broken, the three new comers will have to prove to their employees that they can be loyal to the group, by investing in it, and that they can rebuild a communal network. 3- Willis first task is to rebuild a sense of family network that they lost.

A good way to do that will be to meet the main employees’ families. Therefore, he will show his interest to the welfare of the group. However, considering he needs to prove its loyalty, more need to be done. It seems that the new operating system will be strict on corruption, but if it is to be establishing in an effective manner they will need to make some compromise and to show flexibility. Corruption is perceptional, and some of its form can be beneficial to the welfare of a group (Beckman, 2003).

Also, compromise seems to be a better solving conflict strategy considering the feminine aspect of the culture. Consequently, they could adjust by employing family members of the employees. The idea of engaging with religious group wasn’t bad, but they should invest more in the immunity to reshape a network bridging civil, political and private sphere. Communication wise, he will need to stop confronting directly his employees, and more importantly the will need to have outside meeting discussion.

In a hierarchical organization employees don’t show their discontent to their boss, they give their opinion informally. By being aware of non-verbal sign and engaging informal discussion he will be able to identify more of their employees’ needs, and avoid more mistakes because of misconceptions. Also, because Willis is very young, he might lack credibility. To balance his inherent disadvantage he might want to replace Ramsey, who has been appointed as the general manager, for a Thai older executive.

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