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Essay Examples on JFK Assassination Paper

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1st Essay Sample on JFK Assassination

The Assassination of John F. KennedyJohn F. Kennedy was elected the 35th president of the United States in 1960.He was the youngest man to ever be elected to that office at age forty-three.After serving just over one thousand days in office, he was killed November 22, 1963, as he rode in a motorcade through the streets ofDallas, Texas.His assassination put our country in mourning and to this day has caused much controversy.The president and thefirst lady, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, had been traveling in Texas to win support for the presidential election.He had not received much support from Texas, a conservative state, in the last election.After flying from Ft. Worth to Love Field in Dallas, Kennedy and his presidential motorcade proceeded through downtown Dallas on the way to the Dallas Trade Mart where he was to speak at a luncheon for several thousand people.The motorcade consisted of the midnight blue presidential limousine, an oversized, open top, Lincoln.It carried two Secret Service agents, Texas Governor and Mrs. John Connally, and the president andfirst lady.Directly behind the presidents car was a Cadillac convertible, the follow up car, which carried two presidential aides and eight Secret Service agents.

Next was the vehicle carrying vice president Lyndon Johnson and his wife and Texas Senator Ralph Yarborough.The motorcade was led by two Dallas police motorcycles with two more beside and slightly behind the president’s car so that the people along the route could get a good view of the president.Several other police motorcycles were spaced through and behind the motorcade.The president’s limousine was equipped to carry standing Secret Service agents on each side of the car, but Kennedy ordered them to walk so they wouldn’t block the public’s view.

2nd Essay Sample on JFK Assassination

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AdolfHitler,theNazidictatorof GermanyduringWorldWarII,oncesaid,”The biggerthelie,themorepeoplewillbelieve Althoughthismaysoundabsurd,wecan seemanyexamplesofthisintheworld’s Oneexamplewouldhavetobethe John FitzgeraldKennedyassassination.Forover thirtyyearsthepeopleoftheUnited States wereledtobelievethatasingle gunmanhad shotandkilledKennedyinDallason November22,1963,at12:30p.m… However,inthispaper,Iwilldisputethe ancientanalizationofthefactsthatshowa singlegunmanwasinvolved,andtrytoshow thataconspiracymusthavetakenplace. Accordingtotheoldfactsregardingthe caseoftheJFKassassination,Kennedywas killedbyasinglegunman.OnNovember 22,1963,at12:30p.m.CST(Central StandardTime),Kennedywasridinginan openlimousinethroughDallas,Texas.Atthis time,Kennedywasshotintheheadandneck byasniper.HewasthentakentoParkland MemorialHospital,wherehewaspronounced dead.Later,policearrestedLeeHarvey Oswald,aformerU.S.Marine,atanearby theater.Bythenextmorning,Oswaldwas bookedforthemurderofPresidentJohnF. Kennedy.Twodayslater,Oswaldwaskilled byJackRuby,aDallasnightclubowner, whilehewasbeingmovedfromthecityto Ataglance,theabovestorysoundsas ifthisshouldbeanopen-and-shutcase. Afterall,accordingtothefactsabove, OswaldmusthavekilledKennedy.However,you musttakeadeeperlookintothiscase. ManypeoplewhowitnessedthemurderofJohn F.

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