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Jewish Revolt Essay

The Jewish revolt led by Bar Kochba in 132 AD was not the work
of a single if a single radical revolutionary. It was the inevitable
result of years of promises not kept to the Jews, and laws which
suppressed the basis of Jews as a nation. To understand the reason
for Bar Kochba's Revolt one must go back many years even before the
war. Prior to Hadrian, an emperor by the name of Trajan was the ruler
of the Roman empire. Due to the rebellion of the Jews in the Diaspora
to the east and the west of them, Trajan, in order to keep the Jews in
Palestine from rebelling he had to send a great general to be governor
of the Jews in Palestine, a general who was well with the harshness in
which he treated people. This general's name was Tineius Rufus, he was
the general that put down the uprising of the Jews in Parthia. Because
of Rufus' reputation of his severity to the Jews, he uprooted any
thought of the Jews in Palestine to rebel against Rome at that time.
The Jews did not want to rebel anyway. Trajan had promised the Jews
that he would rebuild the asenv ,hc, the Jews assumed this also meant
The Pagans in Palestine did not want the asenv ,hc to be
rebuilt, they thought that if it was rebuilt it would be the rebirth
of the Jewish nation. Also, in addition, Trajan, the Emperor who made
this promise died and was succeeded by Hadrian. The Jews were unsure
if Hadrian would keep the promise that Trajan once made. Hadrian
wanted to go to Jerusalem to see what he was rebuilding before he
started the construction. When Hadrian got there he was awed by the
sight of a once desolate and fruitful city in ruins. He immediately
wanted to start the reconstruction. However later the Jews were
surprised and disappointed to discover that Hadrian wanted to rebuild
Jerusalem not as a city for the Jews to restart in, but as a Pagan
city sanctified to the Pagan G-…

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