Who Is Jesus Christ Essay

Jesus Christ non subsequently than 4 BC – 26-36 AC is known as Jesus of Nazareth – a adult male that is the cardinal figure of Christianity, which regards him as the Messiah foretold in the Old Testament, and most Christian denominationsA believe that he is – the Son of God who rose from the dead.A Islam considers Jesus as a prophesier and messiah.A Some other faiths besides revere him in his ain manner.

As a fact, He came into this universe as an ordinary adult male, was considered a prophesier among the people and killed as a condemnable, but now His followings consider him as a great King.

A It should be noted that the Old Testament contains many prognostications that Messiah have come and He will give people freedom.A The Jews thought that he had come to give them freedom from Roman domination.A But when Christ came, many wondered why he does non retrieve the land of Israel? It happened because Jesus has come to convey even greater freedom than people have dreamed.

A He came to do everyone free from the power of Satan and wickedness.

What Is Nazareth Known For

It can be said that Jesus preached us about penitence in the face of the oncoming of the Kingdom of God. Jesus began to learn that the Son of God will badly endure and decease on the cross and that His forfeit – is the nutrient, all necessary for ageless life.A Furthermore, Christ confirmed and extended the Law of Moses: demanded from all, for their whole being to love God ( in changeless penitence, and so to love his fellow existences ( all people ) as himself, and, eventually, to love themselves as God ‘s creative activity and HisA image ( through Communion ) .

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However, we should non love the universe and everything in the universe ( that is non excessively attached to the values of the material universe ) and do non fear those who kills the organic structure, because they can non kill the psyche. Furthermore, His instruction was supplemented by assorted miracles and praised as a prophesier and therapist incurable diseases.A He raised the dead, sit the storm was turning H2O into vino, He saturated 5.000 people by five loaves and many others.

We all know the narrative about how people turned away from God, violated His bid, when they were in the Garden of Eden.A As a consequence of noncompliance in the lives of people came to transgress, enduring, disease, poorness, grief.A I strongly believe that Jesus came to liberate us from the rule of wickedness and Satan, as we can read in the Bible: “ So if the Son makes you free, be free so ” A ( John 8:36 ) .

As a fact, the Bible tells us that the first people turned away from God and wittingly committed a sin.A As a consequence of people fall, Satan has legitimate authorization in the world.A He is the beginning of all agony that occurs on Earth.A Some people blame God in it.A But, in my sentiment, this is incorrect. Every individual is doing a pick voluntarily.A The Bible tells us that the Satan as a stealer comes and kills us: “ The stealer comes merely to steal and kill and destruct… ” ( John 10:10 ) . That is who the beginning of the expletives and bad lucks in our lives.A He destroys the happy households ; he steals our wellness and prosperity.A And his ultimate end – is to kill good individual in us, as described in Understanding the Bible.

As a regulation, people are seeking to contend the effects of their jobs ; non believing about that kind should be rooted.A The root of the job – is that Satan and wickedness came into the universe of people on it.A This is why Jesus came to earth: “ I came that they might hold life and have it copiously ” A ( John 10:10 ) .

But this leads to a inquiry: how did Jesus Christ set us liberate? A In the Old Testament, people who transgressed should hold to give an animate being ( turtle, caprine animal, calf ) .A And the blood of these victims, a adult male could cover his sin.A But the blood of animate beings could non sublimate adult male from wickedness, it merely covers them. Humanity was needed a perfect sacrifice.A The adult male who had no wickednesss, merely this adult male could deliver us from Satan ‘s power and pay the perfect monetary value for our sins.A This victim was Jesus.A He has decided to voluntarily come into this universe to pay the monetary value for our freedom ( “ Surely he hath borne our frailties and carried our sorrows: yet we did respect him stricken, smitten by God, and profaned.A But He was wounded for our evildoings, bruised for our wickednesss, the penalty for our peace was upon Him and by His chevrons we are healed ” ( Isaiah 53:4-5 ) ) , as stated in The English Standard Version Bible: Incorporating the Old andA New Testaments with Apocrypha.

It should be noted that in the consequence of Jesus Christ activity we no longer necessitate to endure from the wickedness, depression, fright, disease and rejection. Jesus wants us all to hold experienced his emancipating force and receive forgiveness of wickednesss through repentance.A Let Jesus into your bosom, inquire forgiveness for your wickednesss and be free from it and Satan ‘s power will no longer hold power your life. I think by this peculiar victim Jesus is of import for every human being. The importance of this victim is difficult to overrate ; He gave us a opportunity to redemption.

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