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Java Final Exam Essay

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Final Exam Study Guide Chapters from 6 to 12 Sections that you need to know from the chapters Chapter 6 6. 1Event Controlled Loops Using while 6. 2General Form for while loops 6. 4Looping Techniques (not animation) 6. 5 Type-Safe Input Using Scanner 6. 6Constructing Loop Conditions 6. 7Testing Techniques for while 6. 8Event-Controlled Loops Using do/While 6. 10Count-Controlled Loops Using for 6. 11Nested Loops (And everything else I taught you about loops) Chapter 7 7. 1Defining a Class 7. 2Defining Instance Variables . 3Writing Class Methods 7. 4Writing Constructors 7. 5Writing Accessor Methods 7. 6Writing Mutator Methods 7. 8Writing Data Manipulation Methods (I have taught you how to write the Calculation Class – “black box” concept. Encapsulation, Polymorphism) 7. 9The Object Reference this 7. 10The toString and equals Methods (you need to know equalsIgnoreCase …. ) 7. 11Static class members Chapter 8 8. 1Declaring and Instantiating Arrays 8. 2Accessing Array Elements 8. 3Aggregate Array Operations (not anything from 8. 3. 4) 8. Using Array in classes Includes all what I have taught you that is not in the book on single dimensional arrays. (Array of objects) Chapter 9 9. 1Declaring and Instantiating Multidimensional Arrays 9. 2Accessing Multidimensional Array Elements Chapter 10 Everything I covered on the two PowerPoint presentations on this subject Chapter 11 11. 1Simple Exception Handling 11. 2The java. io package 11. 3Reading and Writing Text Files 11. 6Writing and Appending to Structured Text Files Chapter 12 All Sections except 12. 8, 12. 12, 12. 16, 12. 18

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