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Jamestown Compared To Plymouth Paper

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Despite the fact that the original British settlements in Virginia at Jamestown (1607) and New England at Plymouth (1620) were founded in the same relative time period, the two colonies differed greatly economically, politically and socially.Economically, Jamestown was originally wholly dependant on money from the crown and later became dependant on a single cash crop, tobacco, while New England became self sufficient by farming all of their own food.Socially, New England colonists were a close-knit religious group of Puritans that came to escape religious persecution in England.The settlers of Jamestown were upper-class nobles who went to America in search of gold.Politically, Jamestown was set up with a more centralized government and had direct rule from the king.Plymouth had a very decentralized government made by its very own social contract and had no direct rule by the king.
Although both settlements were initiated by the same joint-stock company, the London Company of Virginia, the two colonies were extremely different economically.With the help of local Indians, the pilgrims were able to become economically self-sufficient.Farmers were able to produce their own food, many of whom produced excess which they used as trading power to get furs and other goods from the natives.Jamestown, however, was almost completely dependent on money from the British crown for materials.Later, with the help from John Rolfe, Jamestown was able to produce something of value to support itself: tobacco.Tobacco was able to command high prices in Europe, and Jamestown became dependent on a single cash crop.
The two settlements also differed socially.The pilgrims came from a society of Puritans who already knew each other.This allowed these settlers to more easily create a close-knit, strong community.Because of the religious persecution these people received in England, the Pilgrims mostly came to America for religio…

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