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Essay Examples on Jamestown Paper

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1st Essay Sample on Jamestown

The story of Jamestown was one of America’sfirst documented mysteries.There are clear facts about this voyage that have been documented.In 1587, John White did make a temporary establishment on or near Roanoke Island, and that after leaving for three years did return to the island in 1590.On his return, all traces of the colonist having lived there for those three years had vanished.No Jamestown colonist is known to be seen from again.So what happened to them during those three years? Jamestown, which was led by Governor John White, landed on Roanoke Island between April and late July 1587 and was a royal grantee of Sir Walter Raleigh.Jamestown was a small, self-supporting community that was suppose to be protected by the Chesapeake Indians who were know to help English visitors.The colony was made up mostly of people on the middle to lower social and economic ladder.These people were willing to work for a living, farming or do crafts to form an English society on American soil. Each colonist was in turn given 500 acres for their trouble. 150 persons intended to start the voyage to America in the spring but because of financial troubles only 118 were finally able to set sail.The voyage was an unhappy one because White and his chief pilot, Simon Fernandes, spent a majority of the time quarreling. Fernandes was a suspected of wanting to steal the Spanish ships, but White interfered with his plans and the ship arrived safely at Hatarask Inlet on July 22, 1587. Fernandes was not finished yet, he left the settlers on the island and did not go on the Chesapeake Bay as the arrangements stated.This distraction was only a minor disaster compared to the ones to come.

Summer was ending and it was getting late in the year to establish a new settlement.

2nd Essay Sample on Jamestown

In what ways might the European encounter with the Americas be seen as a disaster or tragedy, and in what ways might it be seen as an inevitable development in the history of humanity with long-run positive results. What would the world be today without the United States of America?Humanity itself may have never evolved into what it is today with the advance technology brought forth. From here we go back to the 1600’s when plans to sail to find a so called “New World”, were inevitable. But even though the benefits of finding the new world were so great, could it have really been a disaster in the making? From Slavery and conflicts with the Indians to the new cash crop, all of these are enough reason to conclude that the European encounters with the America’s were a disaster. Although there was a scare when John Smith was captured by the Indians during the early years of the America’s it was soon resolved.

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Moreover as the years continued the Indians as well as the settlers had several good and bad meetings. And over the course of several years they became better allies to each other. But one event in particular stands out among the most deceiving. In 1622, the Indians and the Settlers created a close bond together which was believed to be everlasting. But with the Indians now knowing the pilgrims hideouts, procedures, routines, and weak points they took great advantage of it.

On March 22nd, 1622 the Indians ambushed the settlements and killed nearly 347 stunned men, women, and children. It is said that, “…most of them falling by their own instruments and working tools” (Robert Beverley’s Description of the1622 Indian Attack). The Indians had taken the Americans by storm while at work. And because of this the settlers now had no trustworthy allies and couldn’t defend against brutal attacks on a foreign land.

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