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Essay Examples on Jamaica Paper

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1st Essay Sample on jamaica

Jamaica like many other countrys has strigled and gained much. They have been trough wars, and finally found their independence. Jamaica is mostly made up of all the other migrants that have gone there from its food, to the music it has all mainly been adopted off other countrys. Still however they keep many traditional things such as their own taste for food, and the beat they add to their music. Jamaican Food style is rather common.Their dishes consist mainly of fish or meat marinaded in fresh local herbs & spices.

On top most of the time a hot peper spice is sprinkled on for flavor. They also use up a lot of their soil to cultivate fruits, most popular being: mango, pineapple, and bananas. Their drinks were fresh cocunut water but after the discovery of sugar cane it became rather popular. The variety of fruits also influences their great variety of juices. Most Jamaicans beggin their days with a warm cup of tea.

Both grown up and kids enjoy of the same treats and snacks and of course most of their snacks consist of fruit things such as coconut drops and things of that sort. Jamaicans also have a variety ofcakes but the fruit cake a dark rich treat is the most popular at both weddings and Christmas. They have other foods for other celebrations but its mainly fruit filled cakes. Jamaican main entertainment source is music, dances and local events. music differs from an upbeat, catchy rythim to a completely sadistic mellow tune.

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Their music was mainly influenced by other countrys. They listened to american R&B in their old radios and also included some of their sounds. Fromthere they developed ska. Their songs mainly about political matters or injustices done to the people. Most singers sing about such issues to express their opinion with out getting sucked into a political fight.

Also in Jamaica Quadrille, (a kind of square dance) is being preserved by trying to spread it out to young people.

2nd Essay Sample on jamaica

The freedom movement in Jamaica was successful. Christopher Columbus saw Jamaica in 1494(colubiaencyclopedia). Jamaica became wealthy due to pirates such as Sir henry Morgan (Jamaica, page1). Jamaicans worked together during the black uprisings and riots. Jamaicans gained independence.Jamaicans worked together to form their own political parties.

Some historians argue that the freedom movement in Jamaica was unsuccessful. This topic is important because it shows us that if we work together and fight for what is right anything can be achieved. Jamaica is an island in the Caribbean Sea, south of Cuba. Thefirst humans on the islands were Arawaks, which came from Venezuela. After some years slowly the Arawak population began to decline and soon they were no more.

Soon after Christopher Columbus saw Jamaica in 1494 (Jamaica, page1). Jamaica became wealthy due to pirates such as Sir henry Morgan (Jamaica, page1). Jamaica is a small country in the Caribbean Sea. In 1692 an earthquake destroyed most of the city and Spanish town became the capitol. The Slave population expanded in Jamaica.

Escaped slaves occasionally were helped by the maroons (escaped slaves that live in remote parts of the island). The sugar industry descended in 1833 because of slave abolition. Economic misfortune was the main purpose behind the Morant bay resistance. The British heartlessly subdued the uprising and also forced the legislature to relinquish all its powers. Due to the economic downfall many blacks moved to surrounding islands to find brief work.

Many of them left the island to work for little amounts of money. A new constitution in 1884 established a foundation the beginning rebirth of local independence for Jamaica. Jamaicans worked together during black riots and uprisings. Slaves and freed slaves sometimes organized recurrent uprisings against European landowners (Jamaica, page 1).

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