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Essay Examples on Jackson Paper

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1st Essay Sample on Jackson

In 1828, Andrew Jackson was elected president of the United States. The Jacksonian Democracy, or New Democracy, was thus created. The philosophy of this new form of democracy was that whatever governing was to be done was to be done directly by the people. The Jacksonian Democrats viewed themselves as the protectors of the Constitution, political democracy, individual liberty, and equality of economic opportunity. However, as shown through the National Bank, the Nullification Crisis, and the Native Americans’ Trail of Tears, the Jacksonian Democrats achieved their democracy by engaging in events which were the opposite of what they stood for and by trampling over the system of checks and balances implied in the Constitution.

In 1832, Andrew Jackson stated that economic equality was his reasoning behind the veto for the recharter of the United States National Bank. This veto created the “Bank War.” As shown in Jackson’s veto message (Doc. B), Jackson claimed that by vetoing the bill to recharter the bank, he was looking after the economic equality of all United States citizens. Jackson believed that the bank was monopolistic, therefore unconstitutional, even though the bank was declared constitutional in the Supreme Court ruling of the McCulloch vs. Maryland case in 1819.

This monopoly would favor the wealthy citizens and be detrimental to the poorer citizens. Thus, according to Jackson, the bank was not allowing for economic equality. Although much of Jackson’s veto statement was accurate, he failed to mention all the commendable aspects of the bank. The idea that the National Bank was laudable is supported by Daniel Webster’s reply to Jackson’s veto message. (Doc.

C) It issued sound bank notes, expanded the money supply, and created an abundant supply of sound currency. The bank was a safe place for the government to store, transfer, and disburse its money.

2nd Essay Sample on Jackson

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“The decision of the Jackson administration to remove the Cherokee Indians to lands west of the Mississippi River in the 1830’s was more a Reformulation of the national policy that had been in effect since the 1790’s than a change in that policy.” The dictum above is firm and can be easily proved by examining the administration of Jackson and comparison to the traditional course which was carried out for about 40 years. After 1825 the federal government attempted to remove all eastern Indians to the Great Plains area of the Far West. The Cherokee Indians of northwestern Georgia, in order to protect themselves from removal, made up a constitution which said that the Cherokee Indians were sovereign and not subject to the laws of Georgia. When the Cherokee sought help from the Congress that body only allotted lands in the West and urged them to move. The Supreme Court, however, in Worcester vs.

Georgia, ruled that they constituted a “domestic dependent nation” not subject to the laws of Georgia. Jackson, who sympathized with the frontiersman, was so outraged that he refused to enforce the decision. Instead he persuaded the tribe to give up its Georgia lands for a reservation west of the Mississippi.According to Document A, the map shows eloquently, the relationship between time and policies which affected the Indians. From the Colonial and Confederation treaties, a significant amount of land had been acquired from the Cherokee Indians. Successively, during Washington’s, Monroe’s, and Jefferson’s administration, more and more Indian land was being commandeered.

The administrations during the 1790’s to the 1830’s had gradually acquired more and more land from the Cherokee Indians. Jackson followed that precedent by the acquisition of more Cherokee lands.

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