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Essay Examples on Italian Renaissance Paper

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1st Essay Sample on Italian Renaissance

“How was the Italian Renaissance an age in which life was a work of art?” The Renaissance was an important time. It was a time when new ideas were formed, worldly places became more important, and great people became known. All of which paved the way to future inventions, philosophies, and life as we know it. During the Renaissance, new possibilities were explored. One of which was a group of people who called themselves Humanists.

Humanism was a movement based on the literature and ideas of ancient Greece and Rome. Humanists focused on secular themes, rather than those that were religious. They also believed that individualism, human improvement and that people should develop their talents through many activities. Humanism was influential in that more attention was paid to literature, the arts and education. Because education was becoming more important, more schools were opened.

Students were taught all that was taught in classical Greek schools such as Greek, Latin, history and philosophy. The humanists strongly believed that education could help people to improve themselves. Humanism also inspired literature to become more universal. Many authors were discovered. Also, a form of poetry, called a sonnet, was developed.

The humanists were very important to the Renaissance, without their teachings much would The city stated of Florence, Rome and Venice were also important parts of the Renaissance. Florence was ruled by a line of successful and wealthy rulers. Florence produced many great things. Great rulers, great architects, great sculptors and great painters. Thus leading the way Rome was the leading renaissance city during the 1500’s.

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Many artists and scholars went to Rome to be taught by master craftsmen. Rome also became a site of great religious increases. Venice was a city of great trading.

2nd Essay Sample on Italian Renaissance

The Italian renaissance was as the name implies the rebirth of painting. This does not imply that all the advances of painting came from this period but that the masters learned to combine new and old. The list of artist who contributed to the advancement in painting during the renaissance is as diverse as the paintings. The Black Death (bubonic and pneumonic plague) caused an actual decline in art from the prosperity of the high Middle Ages. The plague killed almost a third of the people in Europe and the renaissance was thefirst advancement in the arts after this terrible devastation.

The capital of the Tuscany region of Italy was Florence and this is where many of the new renaissance artist were trained. The renaissance, broadly considered covered the years between 1400 and 1600, although specialist do disagree on these dates. During this period artist were no longer regarded as mere artisans, as they had been in the past but were now considered independent personalities. Masaccio made notable advances in the styles of paintings such as perspective, space, and surrounding his subjects in light and air. The next great step was in the mellowness and richness of colors used by Bellini.

The complex strokes of color make the surrounding light and air almost inseparable from the figures. Bellini was a great artist and teacher who brought Venetian art onto the scene to the point that it was at the forefront of the Renaissance. The Painter Sandro Botticelli comes along as the next great painter after Masaccio. When you look at the painting Primavera 1482, you see the new, sharply contoured, slender form and rippling sinuous line that is synonymous with Botticelli. In the painting Botticelli catches the freshness of an early spring morning, with the pale light shining through the tall, straight trees, already laden with their golden fruit.

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