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It Couldn't Be Stopped Essay

Essay Topic:

It was inevitable that the American Revolution took place.England did many
wrong things to frustrate the colonists.The more wrong doings that England did,
the more America wanted to separate from them.One thing that got America mad
was being taxed too much.Another thing was that Britain gave them no freedom.
The third thing is because of the violence that went on between England and
America. This was the breaking point of America.They couldn't take anymore of
Myfirst reason why the American Revolution was inevitable is because the
taxes that the British were giving the Americans were unfair.One example of this
is the Stamp Act of 1765.This is when the British put taxes on everything that
was on paper.This included the newspaper, marriage licensee, and even a deck of
cards.The cause of this act is because Britain was in terrible debt after the French
Indian war and George Greenville, the British Prime Minister, felt that America
should help pay it off.(Henry Graff p118).This isn't the only way that Britain
taxed America.Another example of this is the Sugar Act of 1764.This is when
Britain raised the taxes on sugar and decreased the taxes on molasses.The cause
of this act was "To curb the illegal trade with the French islands."(Graff p116)
My second reason why the American Revolution was inevitable is because
England gave America no freedom.After Pontiac's Rebellion, King George III
was scared that America was getting powerful.He made a law saying that the
colonists couldn't expand beyond the Appalachian Mountains.This was known as
The Royal Proclamation of 1763.King George also sent British soldiers to check
up on the colonists.It was bad enough that they had to house the other soldiers
that fought in the war because of the Quartering act.Now they had more in their
neighborhood just to spy on them.He treated the

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