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Becoming one of few highly regarded people having great contribution to the establishment of the Internet, Clifford Stool an astronomer and computer expert, became highly skeptical of the internet and its beneficial or perilous effect on its consumer. He clearly states throughout the passage his views on internet use becoming hazardous to its users, making his argument by displaying multiple examples of social disconnection of obsessive internet users. Renowned psychologists Robert Karat and Vicki Landmark performed several extensive experiments on various people, measuring deep psychological effects of ever Internet use.

From the collected data, on average they found that relationships do have the potential to cultivate online, but to a certain extent. According to Karat and Landmark. Bonds were easily broken friendships with occasional communication, bonds on the other hand were strong relationships with common daily communication. Most of the connections made online, remained as connections and rarely became connections. They also found out that the more time spent on the Internet, the number of relationships were more likely to increase and in return social relationships were bound o decline.

A major reason as to why the internet became so popular was that it provided much people with the ability to create another identity of themselves. It offered an alter-ego, a personality that a certain person could have never achieved in real life. This provided a sense of self-esteem for these people. Although they can become this confident person online, they are still the same person they always were in real life. To become confident or to obtain a new identity, the only way is to have real life social interactions. Most obsessive internet users, are found to lack ajar social interaction skills and are very shy around other people.

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Online interactions are not in the same category as social Interactions, many online users see the difference and consider the Internet as their reality. Nowadays we still see visibly negative effects of Internet use and the overall effect it has on social life. According to Time Magazine as of September 2007 around 200 million people in the U. S. Have a Namespace. Population-302. 2 million) Of those people more than 70% check it daily and spend at least 2 hours online. From my viewpoint not only is this harmful to users physically UT mentally as well.

I personally know many people that are able to stay online for hours, within a short amount of time you clearly see a change In their personality. Online everything seems fine, but the more you hang out with these obsessive computer users, you sense a certain distance and eventually you just rather not hang out with them. Eventually these people start to lose their friends and eventually their entire social life. At this point they find the internet most intriguing, being that it is the only place where they can actually have a social life they take advantage of it.

They create these that they accept as a substitute for reality. I malt I myself nave a Namespace, Ana I can see now Intentions tons wedding can become. Fortunately for me my mom has restrictions on the hours I can be on the computer. My cousin on the other hand never leaves her room only for going to school and dinner. She has entirely disconnected herself from society. I believe this all started after her minute weight gain and her break up with her boyfriend. She was really depressed and I remember her telling me she found solitude, and other people that understood her online.

She has relied completely on the internet to make her happy. It started as Just something to console her, but it turned out to be something that would damage her even more so. I strongly agree with Judgment stating that the internet does have a negative effect on its users. Once someone has relied so much on something its hard to have your life readjusted without it. All these obsessive computer users are trapped in a fantasy, and the deeper the fantasy that you are in, the farther from reality you become.

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