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Is Technology Making People Lazy Essay

There is growing concern that technology is making people lazy. Tasks that previously took days, weeks, or even months to accomplish can now be completed in a few hours through the application of suitable technology. Transport and communication have become more efficient due to the development of sophisticated infrastructure such as electric train tracks and the internet. People can move from one place to another very fast and participate in instant communication with friends and relatives through text messaging, Skype, and emails (Helman & Parchomovsky, 2011). These advantages of technology that bring comfort and convenience are currently being challenged as a major contributor to the increased laziness observed in the society. Proper use of technology makes life more comfortable and convenient in contrast to arguments that technology makes people lazy.

Distance learning and improvements in medicine are examples of the benefits of technology. Students can access virtual classrooms and interact with tutors and other students provided that they have internet connections (Bailey, Leonardi & Chong, 2010). Distance learning is convenient to many students because it gives them the opportunity to cater for their academic, work, and family obligations. This ability to multi-task facilitated by distance learning technology is timely as it would be traditionally impossible to fulfill all these objectives at the same time. In the field of medicine, robotic technology provides numerous benefits such as helping doctors to diagnose ailments and track the recovery of patients (Henrickson, 2000). The robots are set to perform these repetitive functions that would prove tedious for physicians.

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Fast and efficient transport and communication are cited as the most significant contributions of technology in the modern world. As aforementioned, electric trains can move at very high speed to connect a city on one end of a nation the other end of the nati…

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