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Is Football Worth the Sacrifice Essay

Do you think football is too dangerous? Some people around the world think football is too dangerous, while others say it is not.I feel that football is a dangerous game that should be changed because it causes severe injuries to adult players and even more tragically to the young people and finally disrupt family life.

Football is sport of determination, hard work, true strength, and risks. It is a well-known sport to millions of people, but it is a sport of full on contact and no limitations. To be a notable football player, one must be willing to give up certain boundaries and safety limits, but at times players get injuries that affect their long-term health, mental wellness, and personal life.

When somebody says the word injury, people probably think of a short-term one like a broken arm or sprained ankle, but that is not what comes to mind about football players and their families. Each year, twelve high-school and college students will perish on the field or in practice. Researchers have reviewed data that has led them to the fact that there have been 243 deaths caused by football injuries “Between” July of 1990 and June 2010. Sixty-two of these deaths were due to brain injury or concussions. Concussions can lead to diseases such as chronic traumatic encephalopathy- a progressive degenerative disease, which leads to memory loss, depression, and dementia. The brain is an incredibly important part of the body and in the National Football League; (“NFL”) twenty-one percent of players incur damage to that crucial body part. Prior to 1994, having a concussion was not taken seriously. It was such a minor predicament that sometimes players would be back in action before the end of a game. In 1994, the Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Committee took a more serious look at NFL related head injuries. In the years since the Committee was founded, an increasing amount of evidence has linked the repeated blows to the head suffered by …

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