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Keine Theme Essay

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Keine Lazarovitch was written by Irving Layton in 1961. He name the poem after his late mother. He wrote this poem as a tribute to his mother death,which died at the age of 89. The poem is about his grief about her mother death and how much he admire and love her . Throughout the poem we can see clearly the theme of the poem,how the usage of poetic form and imagery effect the reader. The speaker use his late mother name as the tittle of the poem. He is not using the poem to tell us that he hate his late mother, but he write the poem to show how much he care about her mother and how her mother influence his writing. stanza 4 we can see how much he admire her mother dignity, by sayaig that he will may never find someone who have such dignity like her mom. The central theme of this poem is grief for the loss of loves one. We know how much he love his mother. The events that describe in the poem is not only the mourn of his mother but also how much he loves and admire his mother. Furthermore,the central theme of the poem is grief. He wrote this poem couple of years after his mother death as a remembercance of her death and to honour her. Irving Layton use anaylsis of poetic form to emphesize his idea about her mother and er death.

First of all the mood of the speaker was lonely and dpressing because he still mourning her mother death. Also from the tone that the speaker use we can see that he is deeply afected by her mother death. Another thing that emphesize her grief for her mother is the diction in the poem,by choosing certain words to emphesize his idea. lrving layton choose to use word “cold” instead of “chill” which indicating death. Another word that he choose to empheze his idea is “hollow’ instead of “hole” and “curse” instead of “spell”. Hollow indicating his loss and grief of her mother and urse is indicating death.

Irving Layton Summary

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Furthermore, Irving use the 4 line stanza form,which have a-b-a-b, c-c-c-d, or c-c-b-d rhyme. Irving layton choose this form stanza and rhyme is not only to get reader attention on the key word which describing her mother, that can be found almost in every stanza but also to maintain the tension and flow between the poem. He also use a lot of imagery and some methaphors to emphesize the picture of her mother. Through the poem reader can imagine whats her mother was like when she was alife,because he describe it clearly through use of imagery and methaphors. stanza 4 the speaker descirbe her mother as “mean and unaccommodating”. Also Irving Layton use the image of her mother’s “cheeks hollow’ and gaping mouth as the sign of defiant attitude toward life. Keine Lazarovitch confront “growing old” and death with the same attitude and face as she did throught the life. lrving also use the image of her mother who “loved god” and “curse his creature” as a religious woman who despite or hate other people. lrving use the image of her mother who is “comfortless” and “vituperative” as the sign of her who never provide comfort to other nd never receive comfort from other.

The image of her mother who “endlessly praised ner black eyebrows” indicating now sne like to compliment and love herself. ln the poem Irving describe her mother used to “toss of her gold earings” which means that she was a woman of beauty but also anger. The last imagery that Irving use to desrcibe her mother is her mother’s “carnal assertion” as the sign of sexuality. The poem most use water as a methaphors such as “sea”,”rivers”,”waterfalling hair”,which symbolize source of life. The “water falling hair” metahphorly wash her mother hard personality.

Also the “rivers of her red veins move into the sea” is a methaphor for life leaving her body. In conlusion, Irving Layton have been successfully emphesize his idea about her mother through the usage of poetic form. Also, Irving Layton is not only have been successfully emphesize his idea, but also he have been successfully creating the image of her mother in reader head. Through the poem we also can see how much Irving Layton admire his mother dignity and how much he love her . He wrote the poem about her mother and name it after her because he wish to keep his mother’s dignity to last forever.

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