"Intrigante-2. Continuation of the novel Sidney Sheldon" Review

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The following sample essay on review of the novel Sidney Sheldon. I believe that the continuation of the book, especially if they are already written by other authors, are rarely successful. However, just knowing that someone named Tilly Begshou wrote a continuation of one of the best novels of my favorite Sidney Sheldon, I immediately bought it.

Without further ado, I hitherto unknown writer called his book “Intrigante 2”. Publishers together with the author of the book certainly hoping that fans will present talent Sidney Sheldon wonderful and unexpected gift.

Well, let’s see …

Again, the familiar and favorite characters Blackwell family. Again, endless intrigue and terrible tragedy, the latter has so much that they no longer believe in the reality of history. The impression is that almost all the characters have escaped from a mental hospital. There are only a few people who are of sound mind and memory. However, the author is very fast and famously cracked down on them.

Leaving only those who are in need of urgent treatment by a psychiatrist.

Kate Blackwell on the first pages out in another world. I no longer have someone to admire. All other characters pathetic and sometimes even anger. Well, I can not understand how the work can be higher than family values. Yes, it is very important to love his job, we did spend in her company a huge amount of time. But it should not become the main love of life – this is overkill. The victim, who may have no one will appreciate, and life will be wasted in anywhere and does not give second chances.

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And yet, I can not understand how you can cherish for years in places like. With this it is so hard to live, even, I would say it is impossible. For this I am not vzljubili heroine continuing family saga – Lexie. Yes, she’s strong, beautiful, clever, only the soul of her dead. She had been poisoned by revenge. And it’s killing everything else.

In general, the continuation of happened pretty average. This is not the Sidney Sheldon. In addition, the author went through some psycho. too many of them turned to one book. Nevertheless, fans of the Sidney Sheldon advise you to read and evaluate the continuation of the “schemer.” Actually, she is intended for fans of this writer.

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"Intrigante-2. Continuation of the novel Sidney Sheldon" Review
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