The person that I choose for my Interview was Audrey . Audrey Is 40 years old and Is a full time single mother to 9 children and Is currently raising two of her sisters children. The reason that I choose her for my interview is because she flats into both categories of my topic which are single parenting and teenage pregnancy. 1. What social factors such as race, class, and gender contribute to Single-parenting? When I think about the social factors that contribute to single parenting, in my pinion I feel like race has little to do with it because anyone of any race can be a single parent.

The biggest contributor would be gender because it’s harder for a woman to Just walk away from her kids. Now I’m not saying that men cannot become a single parent its Just that they have the option to either be there not before the baby is even born. Class Is another big factor because If the other parent does not have any money, they may feel like they have nothing to offer their children so why bother? 2 How does growing up In a Single-parent house affect the children? Because my children’s ages vary from 20 years old to 3 years old, I see two different affects.

Teenage Pregnancy Parenting

When it comes to the older children, they use to wonder where their fathers were, or why they were not in their lives. They experienced a little bit of self-doubt, but as time went on they got over it.

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With the younger children, they never knew a home with two parents so it has no affect on them. 3. What are some of the negative side affects that Single-parenting has on society as a whole? Single parenting has no negative affect on society. Just because the parent y need Welfare of or food stamps, that does not mean that it brings down society. 4.

How does coming from a Single-parent household affect the children’s education? When looking at the big picture, it could have a negative affect on the children’s education, but as far as my household Is concern there Is not negative affect. I make it a priority to make sure that all my children In school homework Is done before they watch television, leave the house, anything. Not only do I make sure that the homework is right, I check it to see if the answers are correct, I make them study, and I sign all of the that test they take so I know where they stand in school. 5.

To what extent does teenage pregnancy lead to Single-parenting? Teenage pregnancy leads to Single-parenting because when your young and you tell the guy that you’re pregnant, they do one of two things they leave as soon as you tell them or, say there going to stay then later on leave. Either way, both of those solution leave the mother to raise the child by herself. 6. How does being a Single-parent affect the well being of the parent? It affects you the most In the beginning, especially when you had been with that person for a while ND they Just decided one day to Just pick up and leave.

I was depressed when the first three left. I felt like it was my fault, like I had did something wrong to him. During ten pregnancy I Kina AT got over, out as soon as ten Danny was Odor, I went ruling Deck into my depression. It was like how could you leave something so special? Then it was even harder when the children looked like the fathers. My feelings kept getting hurt over and over again whenever I would call and they wouldn’t pick up the phone, or promise to help and never did. So it does have an affect on the parent.

But after a while I realized that crying was not going to bring them back and I had to do what was best for my kids, and having a mother that was moping around feeling bad for herself wasn’t what they needed. 7. How could social factors such as race and class affect the amount of resources for preventative care? It affects it because if you do not have any money or insurance, sometimes you cannot afford birth control. Yeah there are clinics, but you don’t have a way or do not know about them, then that limits it as well. 8. How could being a Single-parent lead to drug use?

It could lead to drug use because sometimes you become so overwhelmed by all that you have to do by yourself you began to look for an out. If you have the wrong people around then it is easy to fall into. Author’s Notes After I completed this interview I was able to see that not all single parents are depressed about their situation. Some single parents, like Audrey actually do not mind being the only provider for her children. In fact, now more than ever women are choosing to become single parents. I learned that because I have an opinion about how hard it is to be a single parent, does not mean everyone feels the same way.

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