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interstate commerce act Essay

Essay Topic:

In 1887 the United States was still trying to rebuild and move to the west.The main method of transportation was the railroad.Not only was it quick, it was also expensive.No one had more problems paying for railroad cargo and themselves were the farmers.Congress eventually formed the Interstate Commerce Commission.It's goal was to wage lower rates than the railroad would allow.This was the start of the interstate commerce act of 1887.In this short essay some of the important sections of this act will be discussed and demonstrated by it's importance and reasoning.
Here is a brief, but accurate summary of the interstate commerce act of 1887.First, farmers could only carry cargo and transport it through the United States.Second, if a passenger asks for cargo or money from another passenger or the committee will punish him.Third, it is unfair to give money or cargo to any other person except for whom it's is going to.Fourth, it is the rule that the railroad company is to keep scheduled stops and prices written legibly.The act says "Schedules shall be plainly printed in large type… for use of the public."(Section 6,51)The last few sections give rights to the carriers' safety."Any person claiming to be damaged may complain to the commission…or draw up a suit which is stated in this act."(Section 9,51)Other rules are the right to inspect cargo and ask the passengers purpose for transporting or having it.
It was very important to the people of this time to have a proper-posted schedule, a decent fare, and a cooperative service in the railroad industry.The interstate commerce Act of 1887 not only set up fair state to state shipping and trade but, made it easy for their expansion and settlement.

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