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Internship Paper

If you have not figured out by now with my personal cheer, my name is Holly. I am Holly Ferber and I currently attend Eastern Arizona College. I have one more semester at EACH before I have to decide where I will go to further my education. EACH is the local Junior college, Just down the street from my house. The decision to attend this college was quite simple, as I received a scholarship. I have been able to live at home and attend college for free. Free room and board sign me up Money wasn’t the only deciding factor for attending EACH. I had taken a few courses through

EACH while still in high school and the professors were extremely helpful. Further, my cheerleaders career would not have to end at the high school level as there is a cheer team at Eastern. I am a sophomore obtaining my associates degree in General Studies. The reason for my choice of degree is I am not sure which field of academic study I wish to pursue. I am leaning toward the field of communications, as I had spent much of my time in high school participating in the Future Business Leaders of America program. Even though I attend a small college in rural Arizona, there are many students who are Native Students.

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The WINS program peeked my interest, as I appear to qualify for this endeavor and the need I now have to further my professional and academic goals. I love my home town and wouldn’t trade anything in the way of experiences I have received. I Just want a chance to participate in something that is bigger than what I have already been a part. Now you want to know what I can bring to the WINS program. Well if selected I can bring myself, that is a good start. But I can also bring my open mindedness, opinions, and optimism. I enjoy and work best as part of a team.

Working with others is a quality of mine, anyone can work alone but working as a team takes patience. The experience of being a part of the WINS program will allow me to gain and refine myself in the area of leadership. The opportunity to interact with people from different places and experiences will give me the chance to broaden myself as an individual.

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