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International Business Essay: How to Write Paper

Quite often, we think that we understand all the requirements for the text. You have to know the number of essays you need to write, their topics and the limit of words (if any). This ensures that you know your “starting point”, without which all your efforts will be futile. If you are writing your own essay question, choose a topic that attracts you as this will make the essay writing procedure more delightful. Then narrow it down that you will discuss only one central idea or point in connection with that topic.

Just relate what the essay question/title is asking you to address. Investigate the precise wording to work out the approach you’ll need to take. Keywords which appear regularly in business essay questions include ‘analyse’, ‘discuss’, ‘international markets and business environment’, ‘compare’, ‘world trade organization’, ‘foreign currency’, ‘interpret’, ‘foreign country’, and ‘review’. After you understand what essay you need, spend a little time thinking about it – visualize it. This is the most important part of the essay writing process – more important than the actual writing-as it relates to the structure.

international business essay

2nd step: let’s start! Write a draft version

Now you have an idea of what you want to write. It’s time to sit down for writing a paper. I suggest you write without interruption to correct various mistakes. Write in one go – this will be your draft. Such action will assist you to write perfect paper and observe the connective among its components. Constructing a business plan outline your paper will help you in systemizing your main arguments and suggestions so that they’ll be introduced in a logical chain when you can come to write the piece.

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You can put down the key points you want to insert in your introduction, main body and conclusion. This task will also spark off ideas and help you to comprehend and inspect the information you’ve gathered. After you have written a draft work, read it to see if it reflects what you wanted to express. If not, identify the sections where the departure from the main thought occurs, and the reasons why you think so. This is an incorrect formulation of a thought or simply it is not in its place. Show the creation to family members and close friends. Ask them to read it and determine how much the text expresses the main message you wanted to convey.

3d step: here we are! Write the final version of the international business essay

Having feedback and your own criticisms about the draft, you can write the final version of the piece. There is nothing wrong with rewriting the text repeatedly until you are satisfied with the final version. If the writing is a convincing laconic story without grammatical errors, you have succeeded. Do not forget about the right structure. It’s not necessary to include all components, only those that add value to the paper.

1. Introduction

The main aim of introduction is to grab readers’ attention and illustrate the crucial moment of your creation about the international business. You may begin with an attention hook. We highly recommend to use interesting information, quotations, or primitive and short presentation of your writing. There is no difference which side for discussion you will pick, make sure that it ties in with your thesis statement.

2. The main body of the international business essay

Referring to the sources you’ve collected; present a detailed risk analysis of the topic at hand. Make sure that you critically investigate viewpoints from different authors to supply a rational debate and cover reasons for and against the presented argument. The body of your assignment maintains, explains or reports your topic. Each main idea that you wrote in your draft version or outline will become a separate segment within the body of your work. It is necessary to select paragraphs, to establish a logical connection between paragraphs: thus achieving the integrity of the work. A little trick: experts believe that the proper effect is provided by short, simple, diverse intonation suggestions in the last sentence of your introduction and conclusion.


The conclusion sums up your general ideas while providing a final viewpoint on your topic. The last part of your international business essay should consist of three to five strong sentences. Simply go over again your main points and provide reinforcement of your thesis. You should arrive at your final conclusion by logical reasoning, shortly pulling together the debate undertaken in the main body of the international business essay. Particularly state your outlook as the final result, ensuring that you answer the question posed in the introduction as fully as possible. This final section should also be taken as a chance to show any advice for further analysis or future action.

4th step: don’t forget! Add the finishing touches

If you wrote your conclusion you think that you are ready with the assignment. It is a mistaken thought. First of all, you must pay attention to all the small details. Improve the parts that you’re not happy with and fix any punctuation and spelling errors. Continue to copy-edit and refine your international business essay until you feel that you can no longer add value to it.

One of the most important requirements is the coherent order of the paragraph. Your task is to express central ideas in the first and last paragraphs. Be sure that one paragraph follows another one. In case that our paper is about the domestic market, be attentive and follow all requirements to make the correct order of the paragraphs. Review the questions, if appropriate. A lot of following different formats, and you must double check instructions to guarantee that your work is in the asked format. If you still have some troubles with writing the international business essay, don’t panic!

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