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Interactions between the Nativ Essay

Essay Topic:

Interactions between the Natives, and the French and British
The two documents, The Jesuit Relations, and Instructions for the Virginia Colony share
commonalities in their approaches in enforcing Christianity on the Native people. Both French
and English believe in exposing and converting the natives to Christians in order to make it
easier for the countries to take over the land. The English announce to the natives in their
document, "…make yourselves all of one mind, for the good of your country and your own, and
serve and fear God." In other words if everyone had the same beliefs ( British and Natives ), they
will create one strong mind with clear and consistent objectivescapable of creating and
maintaining a successful country. Likewise the French also aimed to declare to the natives a true
God. To the English and the French the natives were seen as being spiritual, the French noted
that they believed when someone died they would become spirits and live in the minds as
memories of those they left behind. They believed that death is neither punishment or reward,
and made no distinction between good and evil. In contrast, within the Christian religion, the
souls of the dead that were good would live in, or be taken care of by Jesus Christ. The French
noticed that the Natives treated evil equal as good, and how rather than to punish someone, they
would teach them to be good. The French were intrigued by this since in their own country at the
time if someone were to commit a crime they would just chop off their heads. It seemed in this
document that the French saw some unique moral values within the Native community, such as
their ability to get along, to exchange gifts, to give without receiving, however although liking it,
the Frenchprobably felt that it was not a strong way of living and that the nation couldn't grow
while still living on an equal treatment barter system….

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