Integrating The Sri Lankan Disabled Soldiers Social Work Essay

Sri Lanka ground forces was formed in 1949 and was betrothed for ceremonial responsibilities till they call for the suppression of two rebellions led by JVP in 1971 and 1987. Originating of Tamil motion in Jaffna in mid 80 s, reached to the apogee of demanding separate State called “ EELAM ” led by the separationist group ; Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam ( LTTE ) paved the manner to Sri Lanka Army to swerve its function from ceremonial responsibilities to classic function to contend against the terrorist act.

Sri Lankan war scheme is proved to be the lone expression which exists in the universe at present to pay the wining war against the terrorist act.

2. As conflict prolonged for over three decennaries, forfeits made by the warring cabals and the human cost of the struggle broaden skylines of societal analysis to explicate the program to reinitiate those disables in to the societal system of the state. Following inside informations denotes the specifics of handicapped soldiers of Sri Lanka Army at the terminal of the struggle:

3. To this terminal, Social duty is to be set through encouragement and reinitiating handicapped war heroes in to societal system but it would non pay the manner to incorporating them in to the societal system since most of them are from the ages between 18 – 33 and are from the productive ages. Dependence household members, single position, less medical attending at rural bases where most of these soldiers hail from ; are the societal issues need to be addressed at precedence. Inculcation of positive attitude, dignified societal relationship, and positive attitude towards them would promote them over sensitiveness to helplessness, loneliness and feeling dependance.

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4. The purpose of this service paper is to analyze the facing jobs when incorporating the Sri Lankan disabled soldiers into the societal system and do recommendations to get the better of the jobs.


5. As analysis progressed, necessity arises to clear up the definition of disable individual and disabled soldier to turn to the issues and to explicate solution to convey in them to the society.

a. The term disabled individual is explained ; that a individual is unable to carry through his or her necessities her or his ain as a consequence of lack of physical or mental capablenesss and include following ;

( 1 ) Impairment. Any loss or abnormalcy of psychological, physiological, or anatomical construction of map.

( 2 ) Disability. Any limitation or deficiency of ability to execute an activity in the mode of within the scope considered normal for a human being.

Handicap. A disadvantage for given single, ensuing from an damage or disablement which limits or prevents the fulfilment of a function that is normal, depending on age, societal and cultural factors, for that person.

Disabled soldier is a individual who becomes the victim of some signifier of physical mental deceleration owing to war. By lucubrating it may do owing to following ground or multiple grounds ; an accident, deaths may consequences amputees, blind, loss of vision, loss of hearing, paraplegia or other disablements.

Right OF DISABLED PERSON ( Quoted from UN charter )

1. The term disabled individual means any individual unable to guarantee by himself or herself, entirely or partially, the necessities of a normal single and/or societal life, as a consequence of lack either congenital or non, in his or her physical or mental capablenesss.

2. Disabled soldier shall bask all the rights set out in this declaration. These rights shall be granted to all handicapped individuals without any exclusion, without differentiation or favoritism on the footing of race, coloring material, sex, linguistic communication, faith, political or other sentiments, national or societal beginning, province of wealth, birth or any other state of affairs using either to the handicapped individual himself or herself or to his or her household.

3. Disabled individuals have the built-in right to esteem for their human self-respect. Disabled individuals irrespective of the beginning, nature and earnestness of their disability and disablements, have the same cardinal rights as their fellow citizens of the same age, which implies foremost and foremost the right to bask a nice life, a normal and full as possible.

4. Disabled individuals have the same civil and political rights as other human existences.

5. Disable individual entitled to the steps designed to enable them to became as ego reliant as possible.

6. Disable individual have the right to medical, psychological and functional intervention including prosthetic and arithmetic contraptions, to medical and societal rehabilitation, instruction, vocational preparation, and rehabilitation, assistance, guidance, arrangement services and other services which will enable them to develop their capablenesss and accomplishments to the upper limit and will rush the procedures of their societal integrating or reintegration.

7. Disable individual have the right to economic and societal security and to decent degree of life. They have the right, harmonizing to their capablenesss, to procure and retain employment or to prosecute in a utile, productive and compensable business and to fall in trade brotherhoods consideration at all phases of economic and societal planning.

8. Disable individuals are to hold their particular demands taken into consideration at all phases of economic and societal planning. The betterment which he or she may deduce at that place from.

9. Disable individuals have the right to populate with their households or with surrogate parents and to take part in all societal, originative or recreational activities. No disable individual shall be subjected, every bit far as his or her status or by the betterment which he or she may deduce at that place from. If the stay of a disable individual in a specialised constitution is indispensable, the environment and populating status at that place in shall be every bit near as possible to those of the normal life of a individual of his or her age.

10. Disable individual shall be protected against all development, all ordinances and all intervention of a discriminatory, opprobrious or corrupting nature.

11. Disable individual shall be able available themselves of qualified legal assistance when such assistance proves indispensable for the protection of their individuals and belongings. If judicial proceedings are instituted against them, the legal process applied shall take their physical and mental status to the full into history.

12. Organizations of disable individuals may be usefully consulted in all affairs sing the rights of disable individual.

13. Disable individual their households and communities shall be to the full informed, by all appropriate agencies, of the rights contained in this declaration.


1. Lack of professional cognition restricts eligibility for employment.

2. Limited entree to beginnings of information therefore, kept uninformed on chances available.

3. No representation in policy and determination devising.

4. come across incommodiousness entertaining services available at public

Institutes since them have no installations to take wheel chairs in.

5. Restrictions on operation of organic structure variety meats and activity limitation would do mental traumatism and be averse to populate.

6. No active engagement at societal activities, due to construct of dependance, fright of favoritism by the society.

7. Many handicapped individuals who take on to work and want to work are left quit following the grounds such as physical and societal fortunes and the premise made on their on the job capacity.

8. Many war veterans who returned place suffer Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder ( PTSD ) .

9. Often spouses give up work publicities, pensions, and benefits leting their hubbies to go on calling in the armed forces. If they suffer any hurt, households should back up to retrieve emphasis of their unwellness or disablement. Severe hurt or unwellness would impact the household psychologically and financially.

10. Singless come across a venture in happening a spouse for matrimony and those married would endure with partner-hood and parent-hood as a hubby and male parent.

11. Harmonizing to the UN charter disabled individuals have the same rights as others. No healthful facilitates available or no topographic points constructed for them particularly in public locales.

12. Those parents who have no any other agencies of income except of victim ‘s would fall upon quandary to happen the life.

13. Though they wish to seek some other agencies to gain excess money they are being restricted by the fortunes hence have to get by with their wage.


1. Empowering disabled experienced the employment limitations if non the careful rehabilitation or reintegration program is non made as per the particular necessities of disables. This empowerment program must include referrals for medical and dental services, coordination of preparation and allowances and include the undermentioned cardinal constituents:

Evaluation and planning,

Rehabilitation and employability ( preparation or instruction ) ,

Independent life.

Job ready position, and interrupted position.

2. All disable soldiers are entitled to obtain wage and allowances as per ground forces wage strategies to bask satisfied life in the society but societal idealness, after employment emphasis and negative feelings will do this immature working category and negated feeling over their disablement if non their grudges are non decently addressed. To avoid the quandary over the forfeits made by them best signifier is to use them in a suited field and turnover the undertaking may edify the skylines of the disables.

3. Suitable service system may supply with occupation adjustment, occupation alterations, instance directions and linkages to the relevant service working environment as procedure continued. In order to accomplish employment chances following employment systems could be introduced ;

a. Rapid Access to Employment. This emphasizes the end of immediate employment and is available to those who already have the accomplishments to vie in the occupation market in appropriate businesss. Among other things, disables may be provided occupation readiness readying, sketch development, occupation hunt aid, and adjustments and post employment followup.

b. Self-Employment. This is for disables who have limited entree to traditional employment and demand flexible work agendas and a more accommodative work environment because of their crippling conditions or other particular fortunes. They may be provided an analysis of the viability of a concern construct, development of a concern program, preparation in the operation of little concerns, selling and fiscal aid, and counsel on obtaining equal resources to implement the concern program.

c. Employment through Long-Term Services. Under this, the disables

who need specialised preparation or instruction to obtain and keep suited employment. Training or instruction ( or both ) may be provided, including on-the-job preparation, apprenticeships, internships, occupation tailing, work monitoring, work-study, public-private occupation partnering, or higher instruction sufficient to obtain suited entry-level employment.

d. Independent Living Services. The Independent Living Services is for disables who may non be able to work instantly and need extra rehabilitation to enable them to populate more independently. Disables may be provided with assistive engineering, independent life accomplishments preparation, and connexions to community-based support services.

4. Sing the fortunes some of disables may non be employed even though the preferable it due to disablements they possessed. They may supply with the independent life programme designed to assist whose service-connected disablement or disablements may be so terrible that they are unable to instantly prosecute an employment end. It helps them to be able to populate independently, take part in household and community life, and increase their possible to return to work and this service may include followerss ;

a. Training in activities of day-to-day life.

B. Attendant attention during period of passage.

c. Transportation when particular agreements are required.

d. Assistive engineering.

e. Specialized medical, wellness, and rehabilitation services.

f. Services to turn to any personal and/or household accommodation issues ;

( 1 ) Peer guidance.

( 2 ) Housing built-in to engagement in a plan of particular rehabilitation services.

Training in independent life accomplishments.

Connection with community-based support services.

Training to better consciousness of rights and demands.

( 6 ) Aid in placing and keeping voluntary or supported employment.

5. Vocational-Educational Counseling provides a broad scope of vocational-educational guidance to disables and their dependants who are basically involved in equal association. Gradually this programme may direct into Person-centred planning that enables people to talk up about their personal hopes and aspirations and to be more in control of their lives. People ‘s skylines expanded and became more ambitious as they saw other people making different things, as they themselves started to accomplish things, and as they got more used to believing and speaking about the chances they wanted.


1. Following institutes are empowered by the authorities governments to incorporate disables to feudal societies. Those are ;

a. Ranaviru Seva Authority. Act of parliament on 5 June 2000 mandated for publicity, public assistance, socioeconomic integrating of handicapped ex service members and their households including supplying service for tri service and constabulary forces.

Under this proposals following steps were granted to the disables and those are:

( 1 ) Ranaviru sansada, psychological and socio programme.

( 2 ) Ranaviru land undertaking.

( 3 ) Educational scholarship.

( 4 ) Skill development programme.

( 5 ) Welfare programme.

( 6 ) Ranaviru small town and public assistance loan system.

( 7 ) Directorate of rehabilitation are include steps taken to supervise and praised the rendered services by these soldiers.

B. Directorate of Rehabilitation. Maximum attempt for physical and psychological accommodation within the bound of his disablement to enable him to populate as utile and hearty life as is humanely possible.

( 1 ) Disabled soldiers receive basic medical and surgery attention from military infirmary.

( 2 ) Suffering loss of weaponries or legs, provide unreal limbs, guarantee by Directorate of Rehabilitation

( 3 ) Then they will be introduced to vocational accomplishments, clerical, treasure film editing, motor mechanics, welding, computing machine scientific discipline, book binding, air conditioning, infrigidation.

( 4 ) Then steer to happen a paid employment which suit their abilities and endeavoring for extra fiscal support.

( 5 ) Ranaviru sevana formed under the board of directors of rehabilitation for residential intervention.

( 6 ) Rehabilitation programme under ranaviru sevana, medical, educational, psycho-social, vocational.

( 7 ) Under those programmes following services will be provided medical services, hydro therapy, physical therapy, physical preparation, developing athleticss, vocational preparation, educational chances, and spiritual activities.

( 8 ) Practicing self attention accomplishments to take them of the frights and hurting ensuing from both traumatic experiences at war s good as the psycho societal jobs arise from their disablements.

( 9 ) The Ranaviru Sevana is go oning their plans and some accomplishment as follows:

( a ) Ultimate end is attainment of maximal physical and psychological accommodation of each individual with a disablement.

( B ) Occupying in units

( degree Celsius ) Uplift their public assistance steps

( vitamin D ) Sport

( vitamin E ) New endowment and accomplishments

( degree Fahrenheit ) Independent life, economically balance and socially accepted.


1. Owing to the struggle which prolonged for about three decennaries between Sri Lanka Army and LTTE some 21327 soldiers have been left with any signifier of frailty which makes onerous impact on the authorities and to a considerable extent on society. However, duty remains still to take attention of and give heat and fondness whom so need such attending and attention in peculiar.

2. Some bing signifiers for classification of a handicapped would be, amputees, blind, loss of vision, loss of hearing, paraplegia and per centum of frailty besides given along with. It is evident that these handicapped soldiers undergo no vocational preparation or have no professional accomplishment due to the fact that they joins military service in the age of 18 or below 20 three hence, this influence on societal integrating accordingly. Further, this would impact their psychological science therefore possible branchings are uncertainness, experiencing favoritism and unlogical hazard of future life. Minor factors such as non representation at policy or determination devising, feelings of dependence, response of the mass in societal integrating, possibilities to run into the demands at public institutes besides could impact adversely to some grade.

3. possible steps to get the better of these ventures and fortunes some deduction would be ; empowerment program is to be carry out, rating, be aftering rehabilitation and employability, procuring independent life, make trades available and offering uninterrupted life. To bring forth employment chances for handicapped soldiers following procedure can be worked out: rapid entree to occupations, a assortment of ego employments, employment on full clip services and independent services. Some positive facets observed are ; public and private conveyance provides reserved seats for disable individuals and able mass takes no vacillation to offer his/her place to a handicapped if needed.

4. Afford of household demands and get by up all necessities with a small income or pension are firing issues lie before them. Therefore extra agencies of income ( s ) should be kept available through self employment etc.

5. Disabled soldier could be launched in to the society as a demanding individual through designation and working self possible. This may necessitate standard preparation and professional exposure and counsel. Government in coaction with Sri Lanka Army has implemented some feasible programs to swerve this venture in to success: constitution of the Ranaviru Seva Authority to help the handicapped soldiers and their households and Sri Lanka Army established the Directorate of Rehabilitation to installations them.


1. Disabled soldiers undergo no vocational preparation or have no professional accomplishment prior to enlistment to the ground forces due to the fact that they join military service in the age of 18 or below 20 three. Therefore, effectual steps to be taken to work familial alone capablenesss and constitution of vocational preparation centres besides to be incorporated in to the enterprise.

2. Communication flow of the society is to be touchable and easy entree to information beginnings would maintain handicapped soldier informed on facts and benefits available.

3. Misinforming on psychological issues like uncertainness, feelings of dependence, and superstitious feelings of the mass that a disable soldier is a load to the society and has no end product or part to the national production should be eliminated.

4. Pay due honor and make the needful for them when needed in grasp of their invaluable forfeits.

5. Allowing chances to take part in and doing them coworkers in planning and determination devising would turn to and carry through their societal demands. So making chances to make this procedure will assist them.

6. Development of substructure installations at public and private institutes as they facilitate them to run into their demands in any assistance of mobility.

7. Psychological operations and regular guidance progammes to be done taking handicapped soldiers those suffer Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder ( PTSD ) .

8. If the handicapped soldier is left unfit for farther mental or physical employment, his dependents should be kept strong to defy the life therefore occupation chances should be crate for them.

9. Disabled individuals besides should be aimed and considered when building illumination or immense public installations such as office composites, healthful, entertaining etc.

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