Microsfot Crm: Integrated Case Study Example

The following academic paper highlights the up-to-date issues and questions of Microsfot Crm. This sample provides just some ideas on how this topic can be analyzed and discussed.

This paper is the continuance of Bandon Group Inc. integrated instance survey. This portion of the instance survey mines feasibleness of an ERP system at Bandon Group and measure alternate ERP and CRM bundles for Bandon Group and do recommendations for a solution which will run into their demands. Measure 8: Determining the feasibleness of an ERP system

From the description of the executive directors of the divisions.

it is pretty clear that Bandon Group has encountered large challenges with the current IT state of affairs. Many of the issues discussed perchance will be solved by restructuring and re-engineering the organisation. the concern procedure and by puting the bequest systems with an ERP system. ERP provides the anchor for an endeavor broad information system. A primary benefit of ERP is easier entree to reliable.

integrated information. A related benefit is the riddance of excess informations and the rationalisation of procedures. which consequence in significant cost nest eggs ( Lau. 2003 ) .

Integrated Case Study Example

From the instance survey. we have learned that the co-owners are bespeaking eBusiness know-hows. on-demand studies that generates electronic studies. the demand to turn to for more information for tactical and strategic direction. the demand to standardise concern procedure and the demand for more targeted selling ( Sumner. 2005 ) . The quandary was to make up one’s mind whether the system should be centralized or decentralized.

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The execution of the CRM packages in the divisions were decentralized and the division troughs were seeking better direction information but they were meeting informations relational job. In general. when we look at the current IT state of affairs particularly the usage and execution of CRM and OMD application. it is unbearable. The job get worse when the company plans to spread out its concern with the bing state of affairs. The reply for Bandon Group should prosecute and EPR solution perfectly is yes.

That would be my recommendation. Basically ERP execution requires organisations to re-engineer their key concern in cardinal ways and reconstituting the overall organisation system because the ERP is at that place to turn to concern issues and to put the company in a better competitory environment and place. Kumar ( 2010 ) stress that directors must carry on a feasibleness survey of the current state of affairs to measure the organization’s demands by analysing the handiness hardware. package. database ad in house computing machine expertness and do the determination to implement ERP where integrating is indispensable. To make up one’s mind whether Bandon Group should purse for ERP solution. we should reconsider the benefits of implementing ERP. As Sumner ( 2005 ) outlines the benefits. Some of the chief benefits ERP he mentioned. ERP maximizes throughput of information

  • Minimize response clip to clients and increase interaction with clients.
  • Increase interaction across the endeavor.
  • Improve on-time bringing.
  • Reduce direct operating disbursal.
  • Increase interaction with providers. etc.

When we come to the Bandon Group practical instance. integrating job was critical for all divisions. Some of the countries that ERP overcome are: Coordination: after implementing ERP. it has been confirmed that ERP has the ability to back up coordination across concern maps. Database: by implementing ERP. it is possible to incorporate informations so that informations will hold the same significance across multiple maps. Procedure: after implementing ERP. it has been realized consistent concern procedures which are based upon an information theoretical account. Information: Pursuing ERP makes real-time information consistent Information system: ERP has enabled stand-along systems to go incorporate systems.

Once once more. it is my recommendation to Bandon Group to purse CRM solution. Like ERP. it is an incorporate attack to pull offing relationships by concentrating on client keeping and relationship development ( Chen and Popovich. 2003 ) and CRM initiatives additions fight. Adding to their notes. they said that CRM offers customization. simpleness. and convenience for finishing minutess. regardless of the channel used for interaction. Sumner ( 2005 ) portion their thought. The chief features he distinguished CRM facilitates client contact and name list direction.

It maintains information on client contacts in a database and prognosis customer’s needs. It organizes selling runs.
Enables questions to a merchandise selling database. Delivers online systems that enables clients to configure merchandises online. Handles customers’ services.

It my recommendation to Bandon Group to implement EPR firs and CRM follows because ERP provides CRM package. Conceptually. ERP covers all the basic concern procedure but CRM systems focus specifically on procedures at the client interface ( Schubert. 2010 ) . The current state of affairs at Bandon Group is non limited to client relationship or the job of Bandon Group is non limited to deficiency of gross revenues and selling informations. the charge system. web enabled support system. better bill or the integrating of the package but the company and its procedure need overall concern restructure and re-engineering because that is all about ERP.

Determining ERP/CRM design issues

Business processing work loads are among the most demanding work loads in the endeavor. These include transactional work loads reflecting the “engine” of a business’ orders and gross revenues. ERP workloads for pull offing work flows. and CRM for pull offing client relationships and determination direction solutions.

These work loads need to be available to stop users. terminal clients. and concern spouses. To accomplish that end. they are typically supported by a combination of hardware features. such as constitutional dependability and scalability characteristics. and package features. such as system direction and support for high handiness. In visible radiation of this. my recommendation of ERP and CRM bundles for Bandon Group would be implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The Microsfot Dynamics ERP and CRM is designed to assist any organisation get and retain clients ( Microsoft. n. vitamin D ) . The package enables to execute and automatize common concern undertakings including:

  • Easily entree information about concern records from one topographic point.
  • Agenda activities.
  • track them.
  • and send electronic mail.
  • Generate studies.
  • Manage selling lists.
  • Track advertisement and selling runs.

Sort client responses to gross revenues and selling enterprises. Keep elaborate notes and an activity history for each concern record. Microsoft Dynamics CRM besides can run from within Microsoft Office Outlook. On top of the other benefits and functionalities mentioned above. Rhodus and Paris ( 2013 ) said that Microsoft CRM and ERP helps the company in integrating by making one position of client experience. edifice stronger relationship and making client familiarity. bettering direction visibleness. supply visibleness and entree to client relationship. etc. I believe that Microsoft Dynamics is the best package solution for the current state of affairs at Bandon Group.


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