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“Inside Mr. Enderby” – one of the five novels that were written by Anthony Burgess during 1960. Such incredible productivity is explained very simply: the doctors discovered Burgess inoperable brain tumor and said that 1960 will be the last year of his life; Here he began to scribble novel after novel, hoping to somehow secure the future of his wife.

The main character, tongue-tied, untidy, prematurely decrepit poet Enderby leading musty, semi-vegetatation existence in the resort town on the coast of the English Channel, then business gets into trouble: suffering flatulence, it is at the most inopportune moments obscenely loud emits winds (during the opening speech of the ambitious publisher Goodby, who wanted to make him happy literary prize, or while meeting with a sudden Detect ivsheysya venerator, beauty-journalist Vesta Bainbridge); he was constantly threatened by jealous husbands – even though this demure deathly afraid of women; dish cooked them according to the recipe of the ladies’ magazine, which nearly sends him to the hereafter, because instead of a delicious and nutritious “Surprise of spaghetti with cheese,” he bungled something unimaginable from the burning test and untreated cloves of garlic; Finally, roguish fellow writers presented in all anthologies grafomanskim one single poem, steals his idea of ​​a symbolic poem about the Minotaur and Christ, concocting a scenario costume thriller.

Sam Enderby is frankly farcical figure.

His study – combined bathroom with a bathtub filled to the brim littered with manuscripts. Creates this unfortunate poet sitting on the toilet, so that writing poetry is often accompanied by defecation, “crackling explosions in the gut” and body exhausts, which more often than would be desirable, Burgess played using intricate onomatopoeia: “Pfffrummpfff” … “Brrrrrp” .

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. . “Perrpf” …

it should be noted that Enderby’s poems is something unimaginable. After all, the man closed in his squalid apartment, and inspiration necessary to draw from everything that comes their way: in ancient and Christian mythology, in the objects rented flats, in the water for washing, a roll of toilet paper – but not in the life that proceeds beyond his bachelor lair. And although many of his poems is only laughter and more like the digestive process with all its phases, from behind them, and then I want to read this unfortunate saga about poor poet. After all, “Therefore, even small, give the right words, and a little pride is able to surpass the great envy»

You can laugh a lot, or, conversely, sniff, looking at Enderby and the situations in which he finds himself. But it is impossible not to notice how ridiculous and color Burgess novel, so he and tragic. This is the fate of the poet in our century is not poetic. Burgess locked poet in the bathroom, and his manuscripts of poems only needed to rats who built one myself a hole and live there without fear or Enderby, nor his flatulence.

But some of Enderby’s poems , one small excerpts:

«When the last great judge will be

Points to consider,

Do not announce you’ve won or not, but look,

He knew how I play »

« For the moment of parting – a point in time,

Which is devoid of length

And it is not able to cast shadows

Last »

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