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Inner City Vs Paper

The inner city is seen as the rough area and the suburbs are the nice area. The suburbs have always been known to have way better public schools then the inner city schools. Also the suburb has been known to have more money and wealthier people living within the suburb. The inner city is known for having less taxes than the suburb. We all know that the inner cities crime rates are higher, but there is proof that the majority of the suburb people come to the inner city to get their drugs or other illegal materials they want.

People say all the time it is really dangerous to live in the inner city, but don’t live that, because have my whole life and nothing has ever happened to me. However as a whole the suburbs are the better place to live and send your children to the public schools that are available. The biggest topic that comes up when talking about the inner city and the suburbs are the schooling systems for the students. Inner city schools have many problems with their students and parents not participating or caring and the staff members not teaching the students.

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In the suburbs there are less problems in the class rooms because of the staff members and from what the students come from ND have to deal with on a daily basis. The inner city students have it the roughest because there are students that want to be there as well as ones that don’t want to be there. The ones that don’t want to learn or be there ruin everyone else’s education because they disrupt the class and make rude comments to teachers and students. They have some similar problems with the students in the suburbs also, but not as much.

Most of the suburban students want to be in school because they know that their teachers are going to teach them and they have parents that support them. Also the aground of where the students come from can make a difference. Many of inner city students come from a rough family life or the parents never really went to school, so they don’t make their kids do any type of school work or go to school. Most of the suburb kids have parents that have completed high school and college, so school is very important to them.

They want their kids to do well and succeed so they make them do their school work. Another topic is the crime rates differ from inner city to the suburbs. The inner city has higher crime rates for many different reasons. The most obvious is that crime mess to run rampant in the more poor area then the richer area. There is way more theft and drug deals gone bad in the inner city then the suburbs. Another one that I saw was that the suburbs are bringing drug crime to the inner city because this is where everyone comes to get their drugs.

The article said that there was a shooting in an inner city area and everyone that was caught was from suburbs of Cleveland. It seems that people from the suburbs commit crimes however they don’t want to do them in their own back yard. The taxes are very different in the inner city from the suburbs. In he inner city they are not as much and schooling systems are not as good. Another thing is that they have less people living in suburbs then the inner city does. In the inner city taxes are usually cheaper yet they re more students using the public school system then in the suburbs.

One of the biggest problems with the inner city schools is that there are more students yet less money to support the schools, unlike the suburban schools. Because of less tax money city services, such as snow plowing and garbage pick, is are not as good in the inner city as in the suburbs. Suburbs are defiantly the better lace to send your children to school and live. The inner city schools just have too many problems to be able to say that they are giving everyone a good education.

In the suburbs they can say that because it’s true because most of the teachers want to be teaching their students and want to see them do well. In the city schools they do not really care about you getting anywhere in your life and just want to move you through the system and get rid of you. In the city school you are just number to them and they want you to get out of the system in 1 2 years. The suburbs they want you to go through and be able to ay I really learned something here and go on to college and be something.

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