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I used to eat at McDonald’s all the time and I think most people can say the name. 2. I have watched documentaries, looked at magazines and researched the internet. E. Preview of Main Points: 1 . First, I am going to talk about how McDonald’s started 2. Second, how big they are today 3. Finally, I’m going to talk about what they do with some of the money they make. Body: A. McDonald’s first began as a barbecue restaurant 1. Dick and Mac McDonald opened McDonald’s Bar-a-Queue restaurant in 1940 in Bernardino California.

A. 1948 is when the McDonald’s we know today was founded.The restaurant had been shut down in September then re-opened in December after changes were made. The brothers had turned it into a drive in self service restaurant.

B. With all the new changes they made, They managed to get rid of all the food that need forks, knives and spoons, leaving the menu was to just hamburgers, cheeseburgers, soft drinks, milk, coffee, potato chips and a slice of pie.

C. Eventually in 1 949 their French Fries that we all know and love came into the picture and they got rid of the potato chips.

2. 1954 is a big year for McDonald’s with the “fast food’s founding father. Coming into the picture. (PBS 1) a. Ray Crock was salesman who would sell hints like paper cups and mixers in 1 954 while visiting California he came across the McDonald’s Brothers restaurant.. He liked what the Brothers had done by making it a drive in self-service restaurant.

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(Time 1) b. They had taken out the fancy restaurant experience but had a cheap, clean, and efficient way that people were willing to go too. C. With that idea and making a deal with the brothers Crock was able to franchise the restaurant. D. The first McDonald’s franchise under Crock was opened in 1955 Des Plainness, Illinois

3.The first day of being open was a huge success for the franchise a. Accordion to the McDonald’s history website they made $366. 12 on the first day alone. B. They also sent a procedure when they first opened on how things would b done. They used the assembly line approach c. Although the business was started by the McDonald brothers Crock bought the business in 1961 for $2. 7 million from the brothers. (Pbs) Transition: Now that I have talked about where McDonald’s came from am going to talk about the part it plays now. In 2014 there was 14,339 McDonald’s restaurants in the United States, and that’s just the united States. (Satanist)

1.Worldwide McDonald’s has 36,258 saturates (Satanist)

  •  McDonald’s gets about 68 million people every day, that’s more than the population of the United Kingdom, which means they make about $75 million per day (Satanist)
  • In the US you will have no problem finding a McDonald’s because the furthest distance anyone is away from one is 1 15 miles. Which means if you’re in the mood for a big Mac it’s never more than an hour and 54 minutes away. (Satanist)
  • According to burger business there are 1 21 permanent items on the McDonald’s menu which means in the 67 years that the restaurant has been open they have added 114 permanent items
  • In 2014 alone McDonald’s made

8. 6 billion dollars (Satanist) Transition: Now that we know how McDonald’s got their start and how they have become so big in going to talk about what they do with some of the money. A. The Ronald McDonald Houses are a non-profit organization who is parented with McDonald’s]] B. The McDonald’s Franchise makes sure to support the Ronald McDonald house charities by volunteering to work with them and giving there numerous donations C. Working with them means their main goal is to find and support programs that directly improve the health and well-being of children. Ill.

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