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1. Why is it of import to understand the difference between computing machine literacy and information literacy?Answer:Computer literacy – When you are computing machine literate.

you have a general working cognition of computing machines. You understand what they can be used for. Most people know that they can type a paper. make a power point and if you have internet entree. you may email and seek the World Wide Web for information. Information literacy- When you are information literate. you understand and are able to garner.

analyze and usage information gathered from the assorted types of technological medians – particularly the cyberspace. This individual may entree the cyberspace. for case on their cell phone. iPod. lab tops. and a battalion of medians. some which may hold non yet been realized. -It is of import to understand the difference of this two literacy because A literate individual can non be expected to cognize how to run a computing machine. In kernel. a individual can be literate but non computing machine literate. But the opposite seems hard to be true. A computing machine literate is frequently ever a literate. 2. Discourse the three elements of an information system ( hardware. package and persware ) that directors must see. Which of the three do you see the most of import?

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Answer:Hardware- Hardware. in the computing machine universe. refers to the physical constituents that make up a computing machine system. Software- is any set of machine-readable instructions ( most frequently in the signifier of a computing machine plan ) that directs a computer’s processor to execute specific operations.

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Persware- that is short for ‘personware’ or ‘peopleware’ . a awfully inpersonal manner of mentioning to people as a resource. like hardware or package. – I consider being the most of import component if information system is the Persware because without this persware the hardware and the package will be useless. 3. What are some of the new functions information systems are playing in organisations?

* The Widening Scope of Information Systems* The Network Revolution and the Internet* New Options for Organizational Design: The Networked Enterprise * Flattening Organizations* Separating work from location* Reorganizing work flows* Increasing flexibleness of organisations* The altering direction procedure* Redefining organisational boundaries* Electronic Commerce and Electronic Business4. Discourse the alterations in the concern environment brought about by engineering in the last three old ages. Use your ain personal experiences to explicate your reply.


There are many alterations in the concern environment brought by the engineering in the last three old ages. I believe that one of the most of import alterations ( impacting accounting pattern ) that has taken topographic point in my experience is the changed relationship between the company and its investors. There is an detonation of needed revelations. and a immense addition in the involvement the investing community has in those revelations. And the cyberspace is the largest alterations because every twelvemonth there is alterations on it. Many plans are nearing that every people in the society can larn many things about those plans brought by the engineering. .

5. Pull your decisions about the article “IT Doesn’t Matter” by Nicholas Carr by accessing the given URL:[ hypertext transfer protocol: //www. nicholasgcarr. com/articles/matter. html # readings ] .


The article explained the quandary that the IT industry and the terminal users are presently sing. IT used to be a manner for companies to derive a competitory advantage. but nowadays IT has fused into another tool to behavior concern. IT merchandises are going cheaper and cheaper while giving more power. This tendency in the long tally will destruct the economic inducement for IT makers to go on making concern. On the other manus cheaper is better for companies implementing this engineering. The writer made it clear that avoiding trade name new IT merchandises and choosing for somewhat older IT merchandises would salvage money. In add-on. somewhat older merchandises have all the “kinks ironed out” giving a more dependable system. Buying somewhat older IT merchandises is non a fail safe manner of obtaining efficiency and initial cost nest eggs.

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