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Information Effect Project: The NCAA and Athletes Paper

Every weekend during the months between August to April, one is able to find big college games going on in several different sports. Many enjoy the atmosphere of the game, whether on in the stands, or watching it from the seat of your couch. Few however no the ongoing dilemma with the NCAA and how it has erupted into a billion-dollar business.

Over the years The college athletics has been growing tremendously, with that comes about new conferences, school teams, and of course ways in which to make money. The NCAA is the king of all the money in which flows around collegiate sports. This has been going on for some time, but didn’t really catch the attention until 1991 win a collaboration of researchers got together with Films media group to make a video called “Sports for Sale” this film gives background to the NCAA and how it has become a more than just about a sport, but about big money.


it goes on to discuss the salary for coaches, and the schools buthow it doesn’t even pinch the money revenue of what the NCAA still racks in.Many coaches and schools don’t get a huge amount of money unless they win majority of their games or a big tournament. Over the years this has taken a toll on the integrity of the game and made it very compromised. one example is coach Jim Valvano of North Carolina State’s Championship team in 1983 allowed Chris Washburn to be accepted in with a score of 470 on the SAT, this was against the University’s acceptance rules. The coach went through with this in order to gain a great player, in hopes of making more money. You see the schools, Coaches, reap the benefits for a winning season and the one who reaps the benefits no matter what is the organization the big NCAA.

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Since the 1980’s the NCAA has been gaining revenue from the television broadcasters in order to televise the games between the sports. Ov…

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