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Industrial Revolution and Information Revolution Essay

Essay Topic:

Industrial Revolution and Information Revolution
The Industrial Revolution of the 1800's and the Information Revolution of today had a great impact on the way people live.Anytime there is a change in society, the ripple effect is great.All of a sudden, the way of doing something changes not only the present, but also the future.
There were many improvements to transportation during the Industrial Revolution. First of all, thefirst gasoline-powered, internal combustion engine was created by German engineer, Nikolaus Otto, and soon after, the automobile.The automobile opened up a new alternative to the horse-pulled carriage.Now people could travel across land at the breath-taking speed of 25 mph! Another improvement to transportation came when the Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur attempted to make human flight possible.Even though their airplane stayed aloft for only a few seconds, their invention opened up a new horizon.
Since the Industrial Revolution I think transportation has improved drastically.Cars are much more sophisticated. The greatest improvement, in my opinion, on automobile technology is that you can choose from three different transmissions for your car automatic, manual, and SMG. In manual you have to use a clutch and manually change gears with a stick shift. In automatic there is only a gas and brake pedal and gears change automatically making the car user friendly. Finally my favorite the sequential manual gearbox (SMG) used by BMW, it gives you the choice to either drive in automatic or in semi automatic where there is no clutch but you still need to change gears manually. Trains now run on electrical wiring and trains, such as the Shinkansen in Japan, can nearly reach the 200-mph range.People are now able to travel overseas in an airplane in record time compared to a ship or a boat of long ago.
Until the Industrial Revolution the only means of communication was message by foot or aut…

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