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Captains of Industry Paper

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The Industrial Revolution dramatically changed the world both
economically and socially, and the “Captains of Industry” were the brave
leaders of these changes.Without the Industrial Revolution, the
technology that we take for granted in the 21st century would not exist,
and America would be a very different place.
During the Industrial Revolution, machines took over many jobs that
had been previously handled by workers, and workers became much more
productive with the aid of more efficient machinery.Products began to be
mass produced instead on individually handmade, and with the production of
more items prices dropped, lessening the gap between what the fortunate and
less fortunate could afford. Not only did Americans enjoy more access to
products they already used, but there were many significant inventions that
changed the way people lived their lives.Samuel Morse invented the
telegraph in 1836, allowing people to communicate across vast distances and
serving as a precursor to Alexander Graham Bell’s telephones that
revolutionized communication in 1876.The invention of the sewing machine
by Elias Howe made clothing more widely available and inexpensive, and
Thomas Edison’s light bulb changed the working hours and living conditions
of every American family.Of course, the Wright brothers introduced
America to air travel in 1903, connecting people between vast distances,
and Henry Ford’s Model T was thefirst automobile in 1908.
Where would America be without these and other incredible changes
from the Industrial Revolution’ In the 21st century, not only do we have
telephones in most homes, but many people enjoy cell phones as well.
Airplanes have become the standard in traveling long distances, and light
bulbs allow us to schedule our activities day or night.Not many 21st
century Americans would ever consider hand-sewing their own clothing, so
thank …

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